Cowan Trail Update

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By Winco - Posted on 25 September 2011

Here is the official response I managed the elicit from NPWS which they were very kind to provide on official letterhead. I have attached a JPEG image of the letter so you can save, print out and keep in your backpack as I will just in case you are stopped or abused by walkers when riding the trail. Alternatively, you can PM for a PDF version. Here's the email I received last week:

I can confirm that mountain bikes are permitted to use the Cowan Track / Fire trail (that goes off the Long trail) in KCNP.

It was previously a “Walkers Only” track but the Northern Beaches Area made the decision in 2010 to open the track up for responsible mountain bikes use.

Cowan Track remains closed to horses.

The only fire trails that mountain bikes are NOT permitted to use in the north eastern side of KCNP are Slades & Duffys Wharf Fire Trails (off the end of Booralie Rd) & Smiths Creek Fire Trail (off the Perimeter Trail). Riders found on closed trails face a $300 penalty.

You may copy this email to show anyone that does not believe that mountain bikes are permitted to use the Cowan Track.



Kim McClymont
A/Area Manager
Northern Beaches Area, Metropolitan North Region
Metropolitan Branch, National Parks & Wildlife Service
Office of Environment & Heritage
Ph: 02 8977 7023 Mob: 0407 893 175 Fax: 9451 7390

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Nice one. Thanks for getting the confirmation.

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great job getting it in writing.

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Maybe you should laminate a copy and nail it to the trail head sign. I wonder if it will last any longer than the MTB permitted sign did (and they say we are guilty of damaging property Smiling )

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thanks for clarifying this with the NPWS folks and making the letter available Smiling
should be a pleasant diversion to add to my frequent terry hills meanderings..

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Where are "Slades and Duffys Wharf" fire trails?
Or is that a 'don't ask in case it gives someone ideas' ?!?

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