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bike riding in bali

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By bikemad - Posted on 05 October 2011

hey folks so im off to bali for 2 weeks(well deserved as havent had a day off in16weeks!!)Just curious,anyone done any mountain biking there?Ive done a heap in thailand,laos and cambodia,usually on hardtail meridas,but was wondering if anyone here has 1st hand experience,and if there are any good outfits there.ive googled a bunch of them but they arent always that accurate from past experience(ie laos with bikes that are absolute bone ratttlersd etc...thanks in advance if anyone has been there allready...

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Been asked a few times here, check this out:

Bali Ridge View


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Hey cheers Rob,thats pretty much what i was looking for,will def check it out while im there.

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Mmm bali. Riden twice.

Batur Crater. More an easy ride with lots scenery, scary ass 45 degree slopes and volcanic wasteland.

The Temple to peragi beach was better ride with some good track... and an awesome beer on the beach at the end. I was lucky enough to go with 10 time mtb Bali champion as a guide. very strong dude.

Went with clare from Bali trailblazers. bring your own shoes/pedals. enjoy the bintang.

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Did this ride a few days back, your so right about the 45 degree scary arse descents!

was easy track the humidity was rough though.

Went with another mob called Bali Rides. They do exactly the same rides with similar bikes etc etc, only difference is they do certain days and the other guys do the others so I went with Bali rides because they fit better into my holiday timetable.

The guy use to work for trail blazers so he knows his stuff the bikes were Treks and had real good brakes (I was thankful for that).

Did manage to fall off the side of a mountain only tumbled 2m before a tree stopped my way. was kinda silly of me as I had stopped to take a photo and fell sideways off the side of the mountain.............

Great ride makes me want to go back to Bali to do the other rides!

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