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GPS watch for running

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By Matt P - Posted on 26 December 2011

I'm looking at one of these for running and riding.

A: Anyone got any experiences with them?
B: Anyone used a similar product but different brand?

Any feedback very much welcomed


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Hi Matt,

I got this one:

she's a beauty...

but... now that i have the Garmin edge 800 (because i only ride) I don't use the watch...

the watch is great because you can use it for running or riding tho which makes it a versatile tool.

uploading your activities is a great tool to track your progress and training percentages etc etc etc... its also way cool to share your experiences with your friends too, each time you go out, use the watch, then when you get back home you upload the data to Garmin site then you can share the URL and your friends can see the activity in all its glory...
(here's one i prepared earlier: )

the only thing that used to annoy me was that every time i took off me camelback (or adjusted my gloves), the strap/glove would catch on the buttons of the watch and stop the timer, thus stopping the activity! did it so many times, and unless i didn't read the instructions properly, could never find a way of disabling them when riding... I guess you could mount on the bars tho Smiling

in my book any Garmin device is awesome...

hope this is helpful Smiling


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Sadly I don't think any of the Garmin 'watch' products have barometric altitude. While barometric altitude is sometimes not absolutely accurate it is much better for measuring relative altitude (unless you travel through a nasty weather front).

Ie. if you climb up a 10m hill and back down the barometric altitude will know this. Good luck getting that measurement from GPS as they aren't very accurate with altitude.

If it were me I'd get an Edge 500 and use a wrist/elbow shoulder strap, belt or other means of carrying it.

See Edge 500 on your wrist.

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I like that the 500 also records temperature, something my 705 doesn't. Awsome gadgets.

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I once had a watch HR and being on your wrist it was annoying to look at is because you had to take your hand off the bars to see it. For cycling bar mounted ones are a lot better.

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I use a forerunner 405 which is great except for the battery life which dies at 4 hrs or so. Get a bar mount for it though, they're cheap and effective

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Ah, I'd forgotten about that. Yes, my first HRM was a watch-type unit and while the numbers were big enough to see when on the road, looking to the side when on a mtb trail was not confidence-inspiring and trying to flick betwee screens was dificult to do safely. Bar or stem mount was much better, the controls on the Garmin have been well thought-out for the intended use.

My 705 gets 14 hours run time from a charge.

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I have the 305 and its great with a bar mount. Noticed that a 205 is cheaper than the one you are looking at
I have the 305 because I like to track not just cycling but the 500 is the way to go if you're a pure cyclist IMHO.
The 305 has virtual partner so you can pace yourself against a previous ride and you can set how much info you need per screen - my only niggle is the time to acquire satellites but the newer 310 solves this I hear.

Also if money is no object Garmin have just released a 910 xt which has barometric for accurate altitude, waterproof for swimming etc but at a price of $545 from Wiggle

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Thanks for all of the info guys. Much appreciated.

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