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By Medigger - Posted on 24 October 2011

29er road tyres,

I've entered the Sydney to Wollongong Charity ride on the 6th of November.

Since I spent the road bike budget on entering the Mountains to Beach next year, I'm looking to put some slick tyres on the 29er.

Any suggestions, it's 90km's on the road?

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Its about 80km, as opposed to 90km.

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These are what I run on my 29er, pretty much puncher resistance. (now I have jinxed myself).
I run 700X38 because I get scared on those skinny road tyres. They also look ridiculous on a 29er
Done the Gong ride a few times.

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Nah its 80km, I have done the ride a number of times and its 80km and used the Garmin to check the distance and have driven it as well, definitely 80k's. They round it up.

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Get some slicks for your 9'er and you'll be good. Just make sure you get some wide enough to seat properly.

It's 83km there, 87km back Eye-wink

Oh, here's a slightly slower go (with the missus) with a profile. Don't worry about what look like hills, they really aren't very steep at all. Don't know why the elevation graph is missing from those above:

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Iwas going to suggest 28mm which are on my hybrid I train on if the bead will seat properly or try the 30mm sizes 32or 35,38mm I can't remember what will fit

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I was registered to do this ride but then realised I'd double booked to go to see Cold Chisel in Mudgee on the same weekend.

Drinking beer and watching classic Aussie rock won, so my registration was cancelled Smiling

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