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Anyone ridden Lane Cove National Park this week?

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By jp - Posted on 19 January 2012

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I live right on the edge, been pretty hot and dry over the last couple of days, rode Terrey Hills on tuesday and it was surprisingly dry.
Can't imagine it will be to bad down there, usual boggy spots.
Should be good to ride.

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Thanks Floydo, I'll check it out in the morning then update the trail status.

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still a few spots this morning where water was running over the road between the weir and Ryde Rd, so I reckon another day at least before the dirt upstream from De Burgh's Bridge is not a mess. Should be good for a ride Saturday before it rains again....

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I live in Epping, so also have some experience with the place. LCNP is notorious for being slow-drying. You could ride it, but there will still be some pools and mud scattered about.

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... I'll give it a go.

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wasn't too bad, only a few soggy bits. I'd expect LCNP would be much the same.

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