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The Ranga's need your support!!! Short Circuit Cancer

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By FlyingTomato - Posted on 08 February 2012

Hi All,

Unfortunately i suffer from a rare genetic defect to which they have found no cure... being a ginger. Symptoms include Red hair, freckles and pale skin susceptible to severe burns if exposed to sun for periods of time.
More info available here:

Myself and some other fair skinned friends of mine are going to be participating this year (with plenty of sunscreen) in the Annual Short Circuit Cancer Mountain Bike Relay.

On a more serious note personally, several members of my family have been affected by skin cancer over the years and the (only) downside to having Red hair and fair skin unfortunately is that at some stage in my life I will most probably have to deal with this also.

Every five minutes an Australian is diagnosed with cancer. That’s 288 people that will be diagnosed today. By donating to support our team you’re helping make today, the day this number changes.

So i'm hoping to get the support of some fellow Nob-Mobbers and see if anyone would be interested in donating to our cause.

The link to our page can be found here: ( <<< our team picture alone is enough to warrant giving it a click)

Thanks in advance!!!

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Good work.
I'm a Ranga, and my mum is too and suffered badly from skin cancer - although thankfully after years of treatment (back in the 80's) she came good.

Just think though, one day, there will be no more Rangas, we will have mongreled with too many brown or black hair genes - then people will look back at us in photos in wonder and awe.....

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Thank you very much Anthony!

i know it will indeed be a sad day when black hair rules the earth... i think my sister and i will feature in many japanese/chinese photo albums based on the number of times we had our photos taken when we were little and went to places that had heaps of tourists.

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Cute baby photo, FT Eye-wink

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i know right! my mum was so proud when i took off the training wheels Sticking out tongue

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Made a small donation, I cant Afford much Sad

Team is doing well, almost doubled your target.

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