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Bicentennial National Trail?

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By Rob - Posted on 01 November 2007

Anyone know anything about this? They have a site here, but it's pretty lacking:

Part of this says:

Section 10 Jenolan Caves to Kosciusko

There is a very short track on Map 2 that is easily avoided by using the nearby road. Apart from that this entire section has been enjoyed by many cyclists and is considered ideal for mountain bike touring.

Hmmmm... from Jenolan to Kosiusko? Sounds like a nice little ride Eye-wink

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Wonder if it's old firetrail or another GNR potential?

Hmmm... Cool

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I've spent a day on it in the Lithgow area and its just fire trail and not in the style of the GNR or even the Oaks, it would certainly be worth investigating other parts as you suggest Rob, but it did say it's considered ideal mtb touring so it maybe a little boring from our point of view.

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