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Perisher DH?

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By Nik - Posted on 06 December 2007

I once heard a rumour that perisher was going to start doing DH in the summer... anyone know anything bout that?

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was alive, there were plans to completly redevelop Perisher village so that it could also rival Thredbo for summer activities. From what I understand though great opposition was met from NP in regard to the size of the underground carpark and gas tanks planned and the whole thing was shelved, I would presume along with any plans to develope DH or XC tracks. We have stayed there over summer a couple of times and the place is absolutely dead, I think they have even stopped the train upto Blue Cow that ran for tourists. You can always earn your DH pleasure by riding up the gravel FT to Blue Cow and then back down again, same with the access trails on Mt P itself but I don't think it's worth the effort

All that said there is a certain German that frequents this site that may be able to shed more light on the topic

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certain German does not know any more than Stuart,
I had, still have the proposed developments plan in our office to help design floorheating and the like for the new big extension to the Resort.
As Stuart said, the hole Plan was caned after Mr Packer's passing on!
It is dead at P-Valley in Summer.

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