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By Jonathan - Posted on 06 April 2012

Hey everyone test the best is next weekend and im wondering who's going? First time going for me and im wondering if i take my bike (pointless i no) is there any secure place i can keep it?

Cheers everyone and have a good long weekend!

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I think taking your current ride is actually an excellent idea - you can then compare back-to-back to determine whether the improvement is real. It's the only way to do it, in fact.'s picture

Is it at Hyde Park?

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Yip its at hyde park. Only issue john is trying to lock my bike and keep it secure. but i defiantly want to go, missed the last one at ourimbah which would of been amazing.

Also are there any trails around hyde park? Rode yesterday for the first time in a while and realized how much i missed it.

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Hi - I'll be there helping out with the Test the Best stuff.
When you take the bike, you can leave your bike in the racking so its pretty much completely secure.
Remember to bring your helmet, and shoes / pedals and also some photo I.D.

There are no MTB trails in Hyde Park, but some stairs, grassy sections and also a fair bit of tarmac. You'll get the idea of the bike pretty quickly.
While you're there, you should also try one of the roadie bikes - its good to get a feel for the lot.

Anyway - it'll be an awesome weekend, with the best bikes, some great athletes milling around, as well as more than a few experts. Take full advantage of it - ask a million questions - thats what its all for.

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Nothing about this on Specialized's website (not that I could find, anyway). And google's only 'hit' refers to this thread.

Is it actually on? Is it a shop organising it rather than Specialized? Any idea what bikes will be there?

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Hey - its odd that its not on the Spec website.
Its certainly still going ahead - and although they have many road bikes going, they will also have the higher end MTBs as well.
Probably Cambers / Epics and maybe the odd Demo 8...

I'll enquire with Specialized and update this thread shortly for certain.

The ITU World Cup Triathlon racing is on the Saturday, so its road closures and lots of crowds, as well as a huge 'expo' of tents etc. Sure - its all Tri-doggy stuff, but its a good morning out if the weather is good.
Women are off at the crack of dawn, but Men get the gun at 10.30am.

Get along if you can....

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Ill be there tomorrow if anyone wants to meet up. Thinking of being there by 10:00?

Whos in?

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What bikes did they have there? According to the facebook site they're doing another one next weekend somewhere near Katoomba - I'd imagine the trails would be a bit more interesting than Hyde Park, but was wondering whether the trip out there would be worthwhile. Also making an assumption that it would be the same fleet of demo bikes.

Would really like to check out the Carbon Enduro - did they have one at Hyde Park?

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They did have quite a few bikes from different disciplines(MTB, road, tri, downhill)
I tried a Carbon Camber 29er apparently worth $9k. Amazing how easy it is to go up 3 steps with a 29er, going down stairs was also just a breeze.....

I did see an Enduro, although not sure if it was carbon or not.

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