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Olympic MTB times and coverage

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By philberesford - Posted on 22 July 2012

Anyone not living under a rock will know that thing in London is starting soon. However did you know the men and women's MTB events won't happen till the last 2 days. So we have to face countless days of running, jumping and gay wrestling* before we get to the fun stuff.

Sat 11th Aug 21.30 (AEST)

Sun 12th Aug 22.30 (AEST)

I'm going to take a punt and say these will not be televised by any of the local networks. The BBC however are streaming every single event live on the iPlayer - if you know how to get it.


* I've heard Gazza is looking forward to this

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I am going to get 10 channels

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scantilly clad men grappling each other Phil!

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You realise you only have to watch the stuff you like

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I never said there wasn't Eye-wink

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Phil that's so funny, but you also forgot to add in the hours of swimming.................;-(

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Save the best till last !
Go Australia

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'Not that there's anything wrong with that'...Seinfeld

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After much of exiting sports to watch, ours is close.

Hopefully Nine is going to broadcast it… not very clear on their website, I've schedule a record… will see.

It's more clear on Foxtel, according to their website it's going to be on "London 2".

Anywhere else we could watch that? Is their an online broadcast?

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9:25pm live tonight is the woman-already got reminder set

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Well I'm watching the women as I type, the course looks ok but it's bizzare to see so much of it, no trees. I actually heard the commentator say it's a very technical course?

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It's a lot more technical than I thought. Lots of pinchy climbs and those rock gardens look pretty severe too.

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Caught most of it on, although I missed the start.

Commentary-free Smiling but not the greatest resolution. At least no lame Channel Nine talking heads to irritate!

If you chose the "Let On" option from stopstream, there were just a few annoying ads that you needed to let sit for 30 seconds or so before the "x" icon appeared on the top left corner and you could click it off.

The track looked quite loose judging by how easy the girls were taking it through the non-bermed corners... not much lean angle. The rock gardens didn't look that bad ... until the slow-mo closeups in the wrap-up after the medals ceremony Shocked

Tomorrow night should be good.

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You didn't miss much commentary wise.

In all seriousness, all they talked about was the fact that the German bird was "40 years of age"

Seriously, they must have mentioned it 100 times.

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100, you must have stopped counting and anyway 40 is young

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Saw a few women bite it in the rock gardens - ouch - seems they will be earning their medals.
How good was the BMX BTW

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Good link Hawkeye, thanks. Men's is on now:
Comments are in Italian, much better than channel 9 Smiling

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Silly me tried to watch it on Channel 9 last night from the comfort of my doona ... zzzzzzz

Now it looks like all the highlights Channel Nine had on their site have evaporated Sad

Anyway, here's a lap of the circuit from the Wiggle website:

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Normally I am a real stickler for the rules. I don't download illegal songs, movies etc.

But I'm really keen to see the Men's race... I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have a copy?

I'd even download it if I could find it on piracy bay.

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