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I so wanna ride!!

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By kiwiboy - Posted on 28 November 2007

it was very cool at the 8 1/4 hours ride - a good crew of NobMobbers and a beautiful day - well a bit hot is all. Tracy and I were entered as a Masters Pair - unfair they don't have Mixed Masters Pairs in our opinion, but hey we are about enjoying the ride not competing - usually. Anyway, we managed to nudge the vehicle in near the shade and set up with the gang. We were cunningly placed about 100m up the track from the transition where we could in fact have our own transition zone.

I was to be first off but Tracy decided since Caro was riding first she would go out with her - suited me, more time to hydrate. We had thought two laps each to start but it was so hot we settled on one to begin.

As we hadn't ridden the forest before we had no idea what to expect. Tracy came in looking very stuffed but with a big grin. And off I went - what a great track!! Love that rollercoaster and burnt forest, with some pretty technical challenging little bits to keep one on the toes. In one section the humidity was breath taking, literally, with the air feeling almost liquid. Liam started a bit behind me at the transition but it wasn't long before i watched Ernie waving to me (or so it seemed) as he blew past me up a hill - ah 20 years and 15kg separate us!! Towards the end of the lap at a technical bit of sniggle I came across Alex, a biking acquaintance and fellow cracknfail rider known from Dirtworks, Coffs and Mogo, lying beside the track in a bit of pain. Turned out he had come off and put his hand out and busted his wrist - ouch!! Said he heard it go. As i was first there I told the riders I had been dogging to send for help and I got out th first aid kit and did what I could - precious little really. Wrapped a little bandage around it and helped him with some water - he didn't want my nurofen, he was holding out for the good stuff in his bag!! His arm looked a little deformed and I remember thinking - that's gotta suck!! No point in waiting round so I left him and headed on.

And so it went - Tracy was off on the second and before long it was my turn again. It was so hot that by the time Tracy had done 3 we decided to break for a while and have some lunch - I was seriouly thinking 2 laps might be my day. However as the day cooled and the others wee coming and going I though I'd have another loop. By this time it was mid afternoon and a light breeze had come up finally. So I set off, and it was perfect!! Track was ideal, not many riders, all the A-lines running smooth and the weather nice and cool. What a blast!! I might go round again, I thought, since I am making excellent time and now know the track a little. Anyhoo, got to the bit I can only call Carpet Corner, a tight left hand turn/chute with a rocky exit that had green astro turf pegged down, several trees and a small bridge straight after. Having navigated it twice already I raced in fairly confidently, full lock on both brakes as I slowed into the chute. As I did the tight left somehow i stalled and in an effort to put my foot down went OTB straight into soft pine needles. Putting my hand out i thought "oo funny dry log snapping sound, but no logs??" And then I realised I had just heard my left wrist snap YUKKKK!!! A quick look revealed it looked almost exactly like Alex's had earlier, and the pain confirmed it. I had been right, it did suck!! Fortunately I was close to the service tent in the middle of the course and walked over to there, where they managed to get a Dr in on a 4 wheel drive. A field splint and ice and off we went.

And there endeth my racing for the day and at least 6 weeks to come. Turns out I did a real good job on it - busted the bone into a few pieces, had surgery yesterday to wire it all back together again and will have wires and a cast for 6 weeks grrrr!! So much for Wildside in Tassy. I wanna ride!!!

Anyways, great track, great day, shame about the cast. Thanks to those who helped Tracy pack up and sent their kind wishes to me. And yes, I typed this all with one hand!!!!

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how dare he suggest it might have been a case of mental capacity exceeding physical ability (ie am I past it) - and do I still need the training wheels!! Prat...

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Sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident kiwiboy, couldnt believe the news when I returned from my lap. Wishing you a speedy recovery mate!

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Hope you have a speedy recovery, sorry for riding over your back tyre when you were in a heap at the bottom of the hill, there was just nowhere else to go! Hope I was some help at least...

May I say you took it like a true Kiwi male, I was very impressed with the matter of fact way you told me your wrist was broken in the same way you'd tell someone you'd just grazed your knee, you should have won another hard man prize ;-}


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.... makes me want to take up golf, not! Yes Mark sorry also to hear your news when I got back from my lap. Was the 4wd a greeny beige Landcruiser troopy as I think I road past it thinking bloody 4wd he better have a good reason for getting in my way and upsetting my race strategy of accomplishing another impressive 50 min lap Cool as it turned it did. 6 weeks off the bike oh well better by some lo-carb beer and coke zero for the bourbon to help you keep at your ideal present racing weight Eye-wink

Rest up and we’ll see you back on the trails soon


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Sorry to hear the bad news Kiwiboy, it would seem it's gonna be a while before we get to ride together due to injuries on both sides, I'm now trying to take the extreme out of mtb but yesterday find myself belting around a corner flat out and thinking I wonder if I get down this hill, over those shitty rocks and up the other side without touching the brakes? I did dab the brakes but was flying though there and made some ground on the mate I was chasing, seems I can't resist the adrenaline hit, more confidence than ability is more of a problem being on the wrong side of 40, hopefully someone will invent a bone rubberizing compound so we can bounce instead of going crunch into the ground. Sorry to be miserable but does anyone have a count on the bones we have broken collectively in the last 3 months.
Heal fast and see you at the Xmas BBQ?
"Believe it or not, non-cyclists sometimes think they have something interesting to say!"

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but wasn't it a green Nissan Patrol? Well, it was a real 4WD anyway, not an "AWD" (methinks I might have slightly scratched the undercarriage of my Subie on the weekend).

I saw the 4WD cutting across the track a bit after The Graveyard when I was having one of my cramp enforced stops by the side of the track. My first reaction was, "what the?" as I definitely did not expect to see a vehicle anywhere near the track.

Get well soon Kiwiboy.

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and you looked so fresh when i saw you! i can sypathize with you mate.get well soon. john, have you gone and done it again??

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thanks guys - except Gazza, I know I looked rooted mate, i was Eye-wink As for my ideal racing weight Pikey - I'll see it again one day!!

Yes it was a green 4WD and the track was pretty special in a few places, glad he knew how to drive it. A nice touch, Josh the organiser rang to see how it went.

And John, wot have u done now??

Should be at the BBQ although late as I only get in from NZ around 3 - I can still flip a burger!!

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I haven't injured myself at all, I didn't even fall off, I just zipped though a part of the track as fast as I could and was grinning ear to ear when I thought, I'm supposed to be slowing down a little to avoid any more serious injuries but find myself going full bore even on training rides.
Can anyone recommend an insurance company that has great income insurance?
Sorry for the confusion guys.

"Believe it or not, non-cyclists sometimes think they have something interesting to say!"

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