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Sydney Spring Fat Tyre Festival - 8 1/4 hrs of Power

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By alchemist - Posted on 03 October 2007

Sunday, 25 November, 2007 - 08:00
8.25 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
North Turramurra
Meeting Point: 

Enter via Red Hill Rd, Ourimbah State Forest. On your right will be 'TreeTops' for the kids and it's large-ish carpark. Carry on past there and the first small clearing which is were parking used to be, and is where the 'Browns' single track turns (you might see riders on your left here).

Parking and official trail head is now designated a further 350m or so up the road where a there is a larger area. There's a CCOMTB sign here by the trail entrance (on the left as you drive up). Park up nose to curb or as directed.

-33.275884,151.377053 (Red Hill Road)

If you'd been at the Sydney 24hr in the last couple of years you may have seen a rather disreputable looking party in one corner of the camp site known affectionately as the 12 Hours of Power. I'd post photos but they probably need to go in the Over 18 section.

These very same people have put together this:

Who's in?
Rob, pikey, craigs, christine, alchemist, Buck, evan, Matt, Little-Ditty, Pjordan, Caro, Bruce, kiwiboy, Harry, ar_junkie, petulance, Steve 01, nickg, nate, Greg P, raving_hippo (21 riders)
Rob pikey craigs christine alchemist Buck evan Matt Little-Ditty Pjordan Caro Bruce kiwiboy Harry ar_junkie petulance Steve 01 nickg nate Greg P raving_hippo
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
petulance The Wall
Buck 2007 8 1/4 Hours of Power (or lack of)
Rob Hours of Fun
kiwiboy I so wanna ride!!

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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Matt's picture

I'm up for this, anyone want to join me in a bit of a team effort? I reckon a three would be ideal. PM me if you fancy it.


evan's picture

Hiya Matt,

I'm interested in teaming up with you.


Matt's picture

So far it's the two of us confirmed, which would be enough to give it a good go anyway but three would be ideal.

Whisperer mentioned he was keen and I heard a rumour Steve was... I don't think there's a rush on for entries so lets give it till the weekend and see what comes up.

(who is considering how to hit the built drop off the rock on the XC course already...)

kiwiboy's picture

we're in, the aged pair....
look forward to it - social ride for us..

Caro's picture

here is another fantastic team!


Let's go! Laughing out loud

Also just read that entries will be capped at 400. Don't know how many entries they have already? Hope we are still in!!

alchemist's picture

Probably close to 300 now, entries close on Wednesday night

Pjordan's picture

Should be a fun event to get back into racing! Watch out for the blue and yellow

petulance's picture

since all my other riding buddies have, in their infinite wisdom, decided to go solo as well.

Should be fun, I'm just out for a social ride.

And what's with the need for a team name for a solo entry? I had to change mine since my last solo effort at Penrose last year ("team" 63 kilos has morphed into "team" 65 kilos ...)

Sticking out tongue

Matt's picture

...Team "Moist Perineum" slipping off their saddles ;-} Namely:

Steve K
(A probable) Steve W
(Bringing up the rear) Me

I had a scan at the track last Friday and it looks good as ever, passing might be tricky but since the real serious riders'll be off at a state round it should be pretty polite.

Looking forward to the Trials demos too.


pikey's picture

Fresh from our Mont 24 success Harry has got the band back together for the 8 & 1/4 this Sunday.
We are Harry & Brian in team 1 with Craig and Myself team 2.
The challange is on.
See you all there.


Harry's picture

2 teams of masters (sadly age not skill) as they did not cater for a 4 man masters team. Team names - Pikey and Craig are the NoBMoB Elder Statesmen and Brian and I are NoBMoB the Davo Chapter

Buck's picture

Well I convinced Lozza to join me in a pairs team. Bring it on!

lozza6's picture

Yeah I got bamboozled into coming.. Laughing out loud

I was meant to be moving house that weekend too!


alchemist's picture

So Rob, are you going to try for the fastest cyclo-cross lap? At present there will be 4 other contenders; two are SS, one is fixed and one geared.

Bruce's picture

you know you want to!

christine's picture

a first aid tent nearby?

Buck's picture

Well I always have a first aid kit in my bag and I can bring a boot brush too just in case Sticking out tongue

nate's picture

for those not on a strict racing diet... I'll be bringing my little bbq for a tasty post ride muppet meal. Please feel free to bring something to throw on for'll smell so good, you'll wish you did!
-see ya there.

ar_junkie's picture

Sounds like an awesome idea!

I thought the 2 Steve's were going for the "bullets" category win? Shocked

Greg P's picture

Any other old farts out there who would like to form a masters team for the weekend?

Buck's picture

OK Loz is a maybe for this weekend so there is a opening to join my pairs team if anyone wants. Lozza is happy to cover the entry fee so you just need to turn up and ride!

It'll be a relaxed pace so the position is open to all Smiling

PM me if you are interested. I really don't want to ride 8.25 hours myself Shocked

Bernd's picture

to form a Masters team with you,Greg, but I look to young! even I'm an old fart!

lozza6's picture

Benrd Noooooooo

ride FOC with buck!! Laughing out loud

please!!! i gotta paint the house so I can't make it anymore!!!

Bernd's picture

would love to, but have 4 "German" visitors arriving on Sunday!,Sorry.

Harry's picture

Buck, Brian looks like a doubtful starter and has asked I try and get a substitute and if not riding in the Masters I'd be happy to ride in a team of 3 - maybe Tien would be interested in making a 3 man?

Buck's picture

Well Tien, looks like we could make a 3 man team here.
You could ride in the morning for 2.5hrs or so and then go home?

Buck's picture

Well I emailed them and asked if we could change things around and he said it'd have to be before 11am today or at registration on Sunday which sounds a bit messy........

8hrs solo......hmmm now theres a thought Shocked

Bernd's picture

can do it, and on a Hardtail!!!!!

Bernd's picture

need this:
"The request of bicycle suspension systems since arising the Mountainbikes, substantially risen, led to the development of the fitted with springs Sitting bull"...

Little-Ditty's picture


You should have had that emailed to you by Friday. If not, call me and I can email you a copy.

Cheers!! Laughing out loud

pikey's picture

....has anybody read it?
It even excludes divorce should your girl (or boy or both, no names) should leave you over your never ending interest in mountain bikes Smiling


kiwiboy's picture

hey Greg we are a masters pair but could be keen on a 3 if you want?

Little-Ditty's picture

Thank you to all my team members in Team Puppets for the great job you did today. I really enjoyed the ride with you guys. You made solid teammates, laughed a lot, and made excellent contributions. I think we all got away with just enough riding today. Hot as. I had nothing left in my tank. Smiling Something to work on for next time.

Christine, a massive shame you could not be there. And I know you think the same. We all missed your funny antics today. Smiling Just different somehow without hearing George and Mildred bickering about the teeniest things... Sticking out tongue

Rob's picture

If you have any pics from the day, have created this gallery for them:

There were a few goodies on my camera - nice work by the stand in photo! Eye-wink

Buck's picture

Sure was a good day. Harry and I did it a bit harder than expected after Tien had to pull out but was still good.

That beer they handed out when I finished the last lap sure tasted good!

Also Kiwiboy, hope you have a speedy recovery from your wrist injury.

Harry's picture
petulance's picture

I can't believe I didn't finish last in the solo male category. I thought all I had to do was turn up, ride slowly and not do much else ...

nate's picture

great company, great weather, superb fun day! thanks all

Pjordan's picture

Bugger! Missed the podium by one spot, was i nthe lead [ack til a big smash on the first lap involving my bars and groin, clawed it back though. Which companies were taking photos?

alchemist's picture
petulance's picture

Though I think the site has been Slashdotted ...

"A great disturbance in the Internet. It was like a million web browsers crying out in unison, then suddenly silenced"

Little-Ditty's picture

Nice. But in my opinion, they set up all the photos in the wrong spots. There were better terrain features to take photos from than on the stock parts of a straight trail. But anyway, if you have the time to sift through many hundred of photos, you may find one of yourself. Mmmm, we look sexy in skin tight lycra. Christine, you have a lot to answer for.

pikey's picture

....I still can't view them. Is the problem still at there end? Can anybody else access them? Is my computer too old? why do I get chaffing even when not on the bike? somebody must know Puzzled

Little-Ditty's picture

Nope, the link is gone. Can't view them either.

Greg, there is no need to bring your non-riding nocturnal activities onto this family website.

ar_junkie's picture

They were nocturnal activities?

Carlgroover's picture

Pikey, I recommend waxing over shaving every time. Eye-wink

"Believe it or not, non-cyclists sometimes think they have something interesting to say!"

Stuart M's picture

what have you and Pikey been upto? ;-0

pikey's picture

Stuart tried to help me out with my problem by recommending this site. He passed onto me his frequent user points, Thanks Mate.

But whilst there I found a link that took me here.

My life has now changed for the better, even thought the chaffing is still persistent, I now wear the worlds comfiest Knicks
Maybe exit mould could work, any thoughts?


dez_b's picture

that site is sooo dodgy just wondered into this thread and well " Shocked "they actually make that stuff ???? is that standard issue for the lycra riders set?
give me baggies any day .

Stuart M's picture

HOM mankini from. (I've been told he wears them but haven't bothered to confirm this first hand)

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