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26" Dually vs 29" HT - best bike for the Fling?

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By jp - Posted on 23 September 2012

I'm currently training for the highland fling (half), so I mapped out a 60km ride that includes 1200m of climbing, single track, fire trails and a few roads to link it all up. For the first couple of weeks I rode it on my 29" carbon HT, and my times were consistently around 3:08 to 3:10. Rode it on my 26" dually today, and it took 3:22. Now the dually is 2kg heavier and has Kenda Nevegal tyres (the HT has Racing Ralphs), but I was surprised how much quicker I am on the HT. The trails on this ride are generally very rocky - they include Lane Cove valley, Stringybark Ridge, a couple of other rough fire trails and a bit of tight, twisty single track.

Given the difference in weight it's really not a fair comparison, but I will definitely be riding the HT for the Fling.

What's everyone else riding?

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Rode it for the first time on the 29er last year and shaved massive amounts of time off. The fast rolling nature of my Anthem 29er just made so much easier and enjoyable than my older 26 HT.

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Go the 29er HT and less weight - esp if you're doing the 50. Fling is pretty flat.

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HT 29 is perfect for the fling, did it last year on one and that's what I'm going to ride again this year.

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Good day versus bad day is a few % easy.

Nevegals versus just about anything else = quite a few %.

The biggest variable for mountain biking is rolling resistance - a function of the tyre design and pressure.

last - there really shouldnt be 2kg between a dually and HT - what the hell is causing that?

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