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200km at Scott 24hr

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By matho - Posted on 27 September 2012

2 of us - combined age of 111yrs - are attempting to ride 200km (each) in 24hrs at the Scott 24hr on Oct 13 this year on behalf of the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Cancer Centre at RPA. Say hello when you pass us (and you will go past us lots...). We'll be wearing the jersey in the pic attached. Good luck to any NobMobbers riding at the Scott 24.

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Can't wait to see you all there

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Are you both racing solo or as a pair?

200km each is impressive! Good luck guys.

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That is mighty quick, and good on you both!!!

I remember when OldandSlow and I raced as a pair, we finished 39 and 43 kms, respectively. Of course, I did the 43 kms.

Good luck!!!

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Hi Phil,
You're a continuing legend! Good luck @ 200km, there not many blokes half your age would ride half the distance.
Still on the mighty mojo? Mine's still going strong.

I'm in Adelaide now - too far to trek to Stromlo this year, but flying over to Melbourne to do the 210km Around the Bay in a Day on the 21st. It's my 52nd birthday present/milestone.


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best of luck - i am hoping you are both doing solo. Coz 400k is 16.6kmh 27 or 28 laps? thats a near podium in open pairs.

Either way a massive effort

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