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Dungog HMBA XC Round this weekend

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By Dicko - Posted on 04 October 2012

Does anyone have a google maps link for the location of the HMBA XC Race at Dungog this weekend.

i have details for the race but cant find a link or address for the location of the trailhead.



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See you there on sunday !

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You desperate for some training mate?

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I would allow 2hrs from my place. I live 5min off the freeway at Morisset. (not too far from Awaba)

The first time I went to Dungog, I was glad I left myself lots of time. I assumed it would take me 1.5hrs... You don't want to miss the start for a 3hr race!

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he's just fine tuning his form ready for the SMACK he's gonna put down at The Scott...Eye-wink

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He'll need all the tweaking he can get!

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This is going to be good Smiling

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Yeah - Long Way - But my family live up the hunter valley, so not so far from there on the Sunday morning.

I am also at the pointy end on the club point score so, need to get another round under my belt as I will miss the November round.

by all reports the ST is pretty good up there - so it wont be a wasted journey.

Will be good to catchup for some team banter next week mate.


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Can you remind me Gazza, did your team of four finish in front of us at the Mont this year?

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So it doesn't count.
By the way, on the six pack front, I only drink German and Belgian beer! Eye-wink

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How many laps start are you giving us?

Would have bought some Austrian beer that I got from the Bernard guys but I cant see it lasting till next week. Ant specific brand?

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I recon you boys will pip us at the post. That sort of distance is gonna start taking it's toll on 4 men. Unless we do the shortened version of the lap? But then it's more hassle with transition?
Guess we'll just have to wait and see?

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Don't forget about daylight savings.

Arriving 1hr late won't help your lap times.

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