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Spring Cycle - Not technically MTB but an adventure none the less

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By amarkie - Posted on 25 October 2012

Spring Cycle is not technically MTB, in fact its not even close, but its an adventure none the less. It was a great day for the boy and I and his mate and his dad.

Riding over the bridge and cutting loose over the Cahill Expressway was AWESOME.

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Did it on the hardtail with slicks fitted. Crazy amounts of bike traffic! Once I learned to relax and go with the flow, it was fun. You rode past a couple of my colleagues at 12:07 - the guy in jeans and a white/yellow jersey over black long sleeves.

Got midirected at SOP and cut about 13km from the loop, missed the bit from about 17:20 onwards in your vid. Sad

Anyway, 90+ kilometres for the day by he time I got home was enough. The legs finally felt like they had some life in them again on the ride home from work tonight. Smiling

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A great day out. It's nice to ride in all those areas in relative safety ,although there were a few lose cannons who seem to think that it is a race. It was the first time for our 6 yr old and he loved it .He slept well that night after 50 km. For our 2 other boys it was there 4th one and they still enjoy it. A great family day.

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Yeah was a nice ride.

Did it with my 'roadie' friends, started at 6:30am great to ride over the bridge.

Funny note (well now it is) my mate was riding behind Tony Abbott (some political person I hear) and when he was riding about 3 k's from Homebush there was some gravel sections. Well Tony's rear wheel slide on the gravel causing him to fish tail, which in turn caused my mate to try to avoid him. In the end my mate fell off his bike.

Bike is fine his arm has road rash, Tony didn't stop to see if he was okay.

But in the end a great war story when people ask him what happened.

Will do it again next year, the ambo's were great and the voluanteers did a great job.'s picture

Its worth having a look at the criterion racing at SOP at the finish of the spring cycle. The grand sum of $1000 up for grabs makes it a fight to the death for roadies. A very strong field and the way those guys fly around corners.

My 8yo daughter raced at 8:30 and son a few hours later. Too much cycling is barely enough?

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