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Support your local club 2013

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By Dicko - Posted on 20 November 2012

I was at my local club round HMBA - Hunter Mountain Bike Association on the weekend, and the club president was discussing the importance of club particapation to keep the clubs healthy and to provide support for the maintence and creation of local trails.

Given 'legal' trails are few an far between, it is important for us to support the ones we have, which are in most part built and maintained by our local clubs.

What is required ? You dont necssarily have to be involved in trail building / maintenace days etc (albeit help is always welcomed) particapation at your local club xc or dh race round etc all goes a long way to support the clubs. With the calendar full of so many events these days, the clubs have been experiencing a decline in particapation at local rounds.

If you are an MTBA member you have already nominated a club as part of you membership. Club rounds are available for XC and Downhill and usually cost between $10 to $20 to particapate. You dont have to 'race' as such, as there are grades to support every level of ability and fitness level - with courses and distances to suit the grade. Its a great way to catchup and meet like minded people. Whether you turn up every month or once a year - it is a low cost, obligation free way, of helping supprt the development and maintenance of your local trails.

The clubs are supporting a range of local trails from the west to the north. HMBA has XC at Awaba, Singleton, Patterson and Dungog, with the potential for some refurbishment of some old trails at Killingworth in the new year. We have Yellomundee, Bluegum and Rydal out west and Ourimbah in between. all of these trails only exist with your support.

So put this on your list for 2013, and get out there and support your local.

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I completely agree with the above points.

However, I'm finding it hard with money/time/family to make even half of the events. I also much prefer to go riding in my own time, where ever I want to. I'm also not competitive enough to enjoy 'chasing the guy in front' as much as others might be.

So this next year, I won't be renewing my MTBA licence. Or my club membership. But I will be on hand at maintenance days when I can make it. And I will be happy to help out in other areas where I can. Supporting the tracks we have is very important. (As is supporting your LBS.)

This will also help out with $. I must have spent $450 this year alone on memberships & events. On a single income with a family & mortgage, this is a huge sum.

Family & work (Saturday all night shifts...) commitments make weekend racing difficult. But I'm completely behind supporting the tracks we have. Thoughts anyone? Suggestions? Arguments for & against?

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I thought I would do the same with the Manly club - but I haven't been able to tell that it even exists - perhaps its what you make of it.

I dropped my membership of IMBA after a year as it too didn't appear to engage on any level

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In that it takes to much time, to get to any of these places, aside from Terrey Hills for the MWCC races. Also none of these places you have listed are really local per say. Awaba is close to a 2 hour drive, Ourimbah is a 1 hour drive, Yellowmondee is 1 Hour drive as well.

E.g. CCOMTB races at Ourimbah, you have a hour or drive up the freeway, then a hour to register, warm up etc, then hour and 30mins of racing, then another 30mins or so changing, packing up and another hour to get home. Racing starts at 9am there I think, so before you know it, it's gone 12pm and you have lost half the day.

I know from my experience that yes I love cycling and racing etc, but tbh I would like to see my fiancee as well over the weekend and losing half the day to race for just over a hour doesn't represent a good return on time invested in getting there etc. When I was single it was different and I could attend but now it just doesnt work that way.

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Guys I understand that there is not a specifically a club local to the northern beaches. MWCC is trying with the limited facility they have secured.

I guess my point is not just focussed on the northern beaches. Alot of users of this site and supporting sites are spread right across the country. This is a general issue.

I agree time is something we all cherish. I find a hard 1.5 hrs in race mode is better than half
My training rides in getting my fitness up.

So for those that can travel, or are close to their local - give it a try.

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If you haven't got a local club or can't get to races why not just pick a club and see the $15 joining fee as a donation? Pretty sure most club would accept non mtba members. Your membership fee doesn't go far and wont do any thing for you personally other than giving you warm fuzzys but the clubs membership numbers does speak volumes when approaching councils or land manager. Think "hi we represent 10 riders" or "hi we represent 200 riders"

If that appeals to you remember out here at ctmbc:)

If you think you might get to maintenance days or would like the basic insurance coverage for "training" rides mtba has cheaper social membership options for non racers too

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Personally I love the club XC days.They are cheap ,family friendly and don't have to commit weeks / months in advance to race.I have kids that are too young to do many of the large races but still want to do 20-30 km so these are perfect. Plus being on a circuit there are always riders comming through so help is never far away if needed. I live on the northern beaches and would love to have a closer club to race at , but I'm happy to drive to Ourimbah

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I'll second Flynny's point of view here.

My club doesn't even have a track yet, but the more members we have the better then chance we'll have of getting one. And numbers are important.

I think communication between a club and it's members is extremely important, but there are some things that can't be made public knowledge straight away. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few people from most clubs working on gaining land access or other issues that aren't made public as they are happening.

Here's a plug for


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