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Merry X-Mass Cup

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By alchemist - Posted on 14 December 2007

Saturday, 22 December, 2007 - 16:00
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

St Ives Showground.

St Ives [email protected],151.187624

MWMTB are proud to present the second running Merry Cross-mass Cup. Racing will be Short Track format (15minutes + 1 Lap) with 2 barrier sections (one should be fast, the other will be on a carry) and if the storms continue probably a little bit of mud.

Bike rule: This year in addition to the Cylco-cross class, there will be a "Flatties & Fatties" Class for mountain bikers (Note the class name refers to the handlebars and tyres, not the riders).

Once again the President has raided his fridge to provide the prizes for this one. "Prizes" will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall, as well as first in class and first 'Cross chick and first gal in the "Flatties & Fatties"

Entry Fee: $10 (+$15 MTBA Licence if required)
Start Time: around 6:30pm

In addition to this we have a full support card of STXC Mountain Bike racing earlier in the evening, with A, B & C Grades, SS and Under 13s & 9s. Registration will be from 3pm with racing to kick off around 4pm

The a BBQ going with cheap sausage sandwiches and drinks available. So escape the Christmas retail frenzy and join us for some fun and frivolity

For more info check shortly, PM or email me.

[email protected]

Who's in?
Rob, alchemist, davis_jnr, lorrie, Hans
Rob alchemist davis_jnr lorrie Hans
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Rob Muddy Xmas Cup

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davis_jnr's picture

Although i cant ride yet i'll be there to take some photos Smiling

alchemist's picture

Make sure you get my good side, Eye-wink

Rob's picture

Crosstops are on the Bianchi... bring it on! Smiling

Will bring the Rush and do the STXC too. Bit like I promised last time before taking too long on the morning's ride. Doh!

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Dont forget to bring your favourite beverage

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STXC times are up at & I've added a 1 lap TT just incase you weren't buggered enough after 15 minutes.

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are you lot all getting there?

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Mud, sausages and beer - there aren't really too many more things you could ask for on a Saturday afternoon

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Some photos from the cyclo-cross

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you loved it... grinning ear to ear in each photo...
oh dear oh dear oh dear....

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Oops, forgot this link:


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