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One Hot Day

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By chrischris - Posted on 28 November 2012

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SRAM Singletrack Mind Series Round 6
Y Knots
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Mixed Doubles.

I had originally planned to enter this event as my first solo event, and crack 100km with some breaks in between laps. But due to some other events (including the weather forecast) I entered the Tuesday beforehand with a friend from work.

Overall we had a great day! Heaps of fun with a bunch of friends in the pits & some fun riding bikes as well. I ended up completing 6 laps which was far less than I originally planned. However, in the heat I was happy with that. I was especially happy with my lap times. According to Strava (which doesn't include breaks between laps, or the opening fire road on the 1st lap)....


For me, these aren't bad at all. Especially my 1st lap considering the traffic as well.

But I do have 3 points/questions...

1) I drank 10L of fluids total on Sunday. So, if I drank 10L, how did the lead solo guys do it???? And Ed McDonald on the podium was wearing a long sleeve jersey. What? Don't those guys need fluids? I would really love to research more about endurance - but I can't find any info. I've heard (jokingly) of a book by Jeebus, but I'm sure it's just a myth.

2) At 7.30am, I looked down at my brake pads and noticed that my rear pads were very very thin. Now, normally I am VERY kind on my brakes. I hardly ever have to change them. I decided to race with them & rely on my front brake more - but mostly, brake less. This was the best lesson of the day. Braking less means picking a much smoother line.

Now every corner I was putting into action everything I've read about, but never followed 100%. The flow of Awaba is fantastic, and even better when off the brakes! I'll be sure to focus on improving my cornering & line choosing into the future.

When I got home, my pads were almost bare.

3) Not wearing a camelbak made me feel a tad pro. (not with results, just in my mind) It is also far cooler not having that lump on your back.

This was my last race for quite a while as I'm stepping back from racing. I may see some of you guys around on the trails with social rides, but competition is off for at least a year. Back Yamma camping with the family is a maybe for next year.

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