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Audi Key found @ Manly Dam

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By sydprop - Posted on 08 December 2012

Flip style key found - No doubt someone's day was ruined!

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Those things are NOT cheap to replace. VAG keys cost a fortune. My dealer wanted something like $400ish for mine. Hope the owner sees the post first before pulling out fistful of the hard earned ones.

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If its a current model key they ask about $800 for them these days

Someone will not be happy

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$800! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaark!

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Bugger. And I thought $70 - 80 was expensive for my Conformodore.

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Lose *both* keys to your compodore, and you'll be up for a similar figure once you include the necessary re-encoding of your car's security system.

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If that happened, you used to be able to get a new key, put it in the ignition and turn it on. Leave it for 30 - 40 minutes and the body computer would sort it out i.e. accept the new key and allow you to start/unlock/lock the car again.

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