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New Server Sponsor

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By Rob - Posted on 17 January 2013

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we've just moved server to a new site sponsor.

Please give a give round of applause to the very nice people at Demon-Host Smiling

As part of the migration I took the opportunity to update a few bits of the site software too. Everything looks to be running smoothly, but it may be that the software rodents have missed something. Please mention it ASAP if you see any problems or unusual behaviour.

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Nice one. It seems to be running faster as well Smiling

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Well, the server is now in a Sydney data centre, rather than over in Perth so if you're on the East coast latency is a lot lower to begin with (not that latency is a big issue really, but every little helps).

Main thing is it's a lot better machine. Things are noticeable faster even in London Smiling

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This is Fantastic news, thanks Demon-host and thanks Rob. I don't think you get enough appreciation for your efforts. Your a real asset to our community!

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Many thanks from me too. If it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't know about half the trails I do now or met some great riding mates.

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Thanks for all the efforts Robin. And thanks to the people at Demon-Host too!

Yeh, and it looks you're working hard in "London" too. Smiling

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Love your work rob

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