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Old Man's Valley Official Opening & Post Ceremony Ride

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By Rob - Posted on 31 January 2013

There's a very exciting weekend coming... and also some confusion over what is happening so please take note:

On Saturday Feb 2 Old Man's Valley will officially be opened by Hornsby Council. As some may have heard, there will be an official ceremony in the morning.

This ceremony is invitation only. No matter how much you appreciate their efforts, please give the council the space they need to perform these official duties.

Following the ceremony, the track will be open to all from midday on. See our ride: OMV Midday Ride (Post Official Opening).

Now... let's hope for some nice weather! Eye-wink

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I think I'll miss the first weekend of the official opening so as to avoid the other 3 million riders that'll be hitting the track at the same time. Smiling

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"If you were part of it come along, but if you didn't happen to receive a personal invitation please do not line up for the BBQ breakfast. You needed to RSVP to get a breakfast."

The invite /rsvp is pretty much about catering.

If you are keen enough to come to a trail opening in Hornsby and listen to speeches and watch somebody cut a ribbon and clap and cheer, come along. The trail is open for all to ride at 12:00. Personally, I live around the corner, I can ride it any old day, so doubt I'll wait around till 12:00.

If you do show up, I'm happy to split my bacon and egg roll into (say) 3 and donate it to three people who care enough now, but didn't then, and I'm sure other volunteers would too. If we are concerned about space at OMV? The opening is being held on the remains of a sports field. Also, we have trains up this way, so if you live in a part of Sydney serviced by trains, you could almost hit a gold ball from Hornsby Train Station to OMV. Oh have you seen our new Golf Driving Range at Thornleigh? State of the art, with on-site pros. Rumour is that a kids XC track could fit around it between the mesh and the historic brick wall. You could hit a few balls between the Ceremony and the OMV Opening.

The opening is likely to be rained out anyway.

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Do I detect a touch of sarcasm? Eye-wink

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Council told me that its about thanking those that have supported the process over the years. They know that they dont have everyones emails (example - for people that attended the council meetings or work days and clean ups) and so were happy that we spread the word in certain places like Nobmob and the facebook site to capture those people. But as Noel said, dont ask for a breakfast BBQ roll unless you got an invite AND RSVPd. However, if you want breakfast, feel free to write to Council and invite yourself to the BBQ if you were part of the process. Just explain how you were part of the process. Nobmob relentlessly supported the process since the word go. You helped get HSMBA up and going which became the focal point for community action, volunteer work and the subsquent club that formed to help maintain and care for the tracks. I think Council would like to thank all those from Nobmob who helped push along and promote all the actions over the years. Without them it wouldnt have happened. I know I want to thank everyone who helped create the wind that drove this trail across the line. Campbell

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Well, it's all about respect.

You can do as the land manager (that's Hornsby Council) asks and stay away from the ceremony unless you have an invite.

Or, you can go along regardless as some people think you should.

So it's your choice, but which action shows respect and which shows that riders think they can do what they want whenever they want? And which of these images is more likely to get future support for cycling projects?

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Hi all

I worked on this for a short time paid while the Council staff project manager was on holiday. As I understand it there are different invites depending on your involvement.

I also know that some of the key people have been unable to invite others to parts of this event. Potentially the number of people going is already large.

If you are going to show up make it closer to when the track opens. Based on discussion with SNORC this place is already getting ques of riders waiting at technical features during the weekend, so be prepared for a event rather than a more serious ride.

Also show ongoing appreciation by helping out and joining the volunteer crew. Giving the track a bit of love back as an ongoing thing well show even more support than attending the opening.

They already know the place is immensely popular at moment while shiny and new.

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Hi all,

Unfortunately due to wet weather, tomorrow's official opening of the Hornsby Mountain Bike Trail has been cancelled and a new date will be set sometime in the near future.

The trail remains closed and may not be ridden by anybody. One of the conditions of track usage is that it not be ridden during wet weather, to avoid unnecessary damage to the trail.

We're very sorry for getting everybody excited, only to have our hopes dashed by the weather. We remain very proud of this project and will be in touch before long with a new opening date.


Nicholas Cook
Communications Support Officer

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