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Access to LCNP via Vimiera Road

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By dougf - Posted on 20 February 2013

Hi, I heard that the access to LCNP via Vimeria Road under the M2 was closed at some time due to roadwork. Can anyone tell me if this is open ? I am planning to take my wife, daughter there for a cycle, how challenging are the trails there as I havent ridden there before.



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Doug the underpass was open last time I visited in January (I was involved in some of the construction work in that area), but I haven't been since. There was a new section of construction just opening up on the south side of the underpass which crossed the footpath/cycleway but they were "managing" pedestrians and cyclists with a guy on a stop/go board. I say "managing" as the guy was asleep in a patio chair when I walked past him!

As for the trails, I don't know as I've never ventured into the park - just been nearby for work.

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haven't been through there for a month, but also haven't seen any "Hills Motorway" updates indicating it was shutting (there was a proposal at the beginning of the M2 upgrade project, but I think it got howled down).

The riding in there starts with a few hundred metres of concrete path to the bottom and up the other side to Kissing Point Rd. Both a bit steep for novices, but otherwise OK. The best suggestion for a ride would be to ride down from Vimeria, turn left (upstream) after the causeway (Browns Waterhole) and follow the main fire trail track - there is a pretty good riding line worn on it at the moment (although that may change if we get another downpour over the next few days).

Once you pass the asphalt hill up to Canoon Rd (on your right), drop down again over a concrete causeway and head up Devlins Ck track. Fire trail to begin with, but turns into walking track which is legal to ride (by that stage it is out of LCNP). Gets a bit techy towards the end, but you can actually go right through to the M2 / rail / Beecroft Rd junction and just up the road is Epping Station.

The downstream section from Vimeria starts near the top of the concrete path up to Kissing Point Rd. Turn right onto the fire trail running behind the houses. It is a bit steeper and rougher than the upstream direction, so maybe see how they go in the other direction first.

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I think I know what doug means, in the run in on Terrys creek from the Eastwood station end.
Strictly speaking, the area underneath the M2 underpass is still closed and fenced off. But there is a B line around it.
Once you enter into the LCNP northbound, its a very small piece of good sniggle but is a little tech and probably not suitable for your daughter.

Terry Creek run itself back to Eastwood is all single track but very rooty with fallen trees here n there with = bike mounting on your shoulders.
Potential is there given its council land but it is being neglected. But I dont see anybody doing anything about it.

Plus the creek smells like ass...

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