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Riding OMV when the trails are closed

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By mothy - Posted on 06 March 2013

Well done to the several riders ignoring the trail closed signs and riding OMV this morning !!!

I'm sure the trail builders/maintenance crew, and the local council alike, will applaud your well thought
out descision to ride while conditions are unsuitable and the trails closed.

And judging by the fact they were riding expensive bikes, wearing lycra, jerseys and clips - you'd think
they would have know better...

There were "Trail Closed" signs all over the place, and even plastic meshing over some of the trail entry

It's idoits like these that will end up screwing up OMV and future trails for all.

To those riders in OMV today - stop being so bloody selfish - and wait for the trails to open again, like
everyone else...

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Reminds me of a saying I've used on occasion to describe tools on our ski fields (yes that pastime attracts similar head vacuumed Neanderthals too) "all the right gear, no idea..." Deadset I've been into MTB'ing for 2 seconds and I know not to ride heavily deluged tracks, especially ones that are quite clearly marked as closed.

SNORC have already advised that ppl like this are delaying the start of work on phase 2 of OMV due to time being spent fixing the trail after wet weather riding. A shame after all the hard work various groups have done to get this project up and running over the years.

I don't suppose you snapped any photos to shame the ppl involved? Other than that I don't have an answer to stop this from continuing to happen.

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Put them on the forums and leave a note with Hornsby Cycles so they can advise the culprits if they arrive at the shop. Maybe even a polite but to the point pre-written note left on a windscreen.

I wonder if they've posted any winning strava times that can be noted (track, date, time).

Maybe a sticky thread here and on Rotorburn titled "Selfish Muppetts of the Week" giving either photos, names or details of bikes etc.

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Possible clues to the culprits....perhaps?

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I vote name and shame too. I saw an idiot riding the Dam yesterday when it was closed. Public humiliation would be great!

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Tears are what follows as the vast majority of law abiding riders will be excluded permanently due to the mindless actions of the few.

Has no one noticed that laws get made and enforced when the lawless make for a political difficulty?

On the one hand fair and reasonable access to National Parks is a given, but with conditions. If those conditions are not met then, as said at the beginning... tears follow.

Does NPWS have to get heavy handed so as to protect the majority from the idiotic few?

Or, should we adopt a code of practice for riders who are of good character and have signed up to the code of conduct? If we do not police the idiots amongst us, am sure someone else will.

If any of those passive possums or lycra resplendent me-only's reading this think it is all a bit much, then wake up to the reality of sharing resources with others, in a collegiant and tolerant manner.

Remember what mum said about sharing toys.. if you do not then they get taken away.

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