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There is no trail fairy - OMV is in need of some lovin'

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By Winco - Posted on 05 April 2013

Yes. That's right. There is no OMV trail fairy. So we need a couple of hours of your time if you are keen to help us maintain this great trail. If you have done this before, you'd know it is a great feeling to ride a trail you personally have had a hand in carving a berm or laying down rock armouring or trimming back plant growth.

Come join us to do some modifications and maintenance to the South Side trail. There are a few sections requiring stone work to stabilise the surface and drainage improvements. It starts at 2pm and runs until 6pm but come along at anytime and see the site Co-ordinator. Any contributions of time are appreciated.

Next Trail Maintenance Day at OMV
Sat 6th April • 2pm - 6pm (weather permitting)

If you have a decent sack/furniture trolley with biggish blow up wheels then bring that along to cart rock. Bring boots (steel caps ideal) and gloves plus don't forget a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water.

Please make a note in your calendar: future maintenance days will be the first weekend of the month (weather permitting)

Come and introduce yourself to Campbell, Noel, Craig, Winco, Adrian, Adam, Bill and Alex.

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If you want more coverage put it in the calendar under trail advocacy/building. And then clone it every time Council organises a day.

Easy Smiling

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Good stuff, wish I could be there.

Like Rob said, you can create a calendar entry for every build day.

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... from which it promptly disappears, never to be seen again. Sad

Has this been fixed as requested?

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See calendar

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Guessing this is cancelled due to the wet weather... Sad

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@hawkeye - we can have trail days on the front page if they are going to be a regular thing. Don't calendar entries gets 'broadcast' to our social feeds and always show up on the dedicated calendar and ride entry pages.

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Rob, call me a luddite..... but what is a social feed?

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Yeah sorry, yes they do show up on the calendar. Not sure how many folks look there... not nearly as many as see the home page.

If they could go on the home page with the social rides that would be so much better. I think it really needs to be there.

It would communicate that maintenance is just as much a part of being a mountain bike community member as riding... give some love back to the tracks you love to ride Smiling

Its bloody good cross-training too!

OMV already has regular dates and Manly Dam will have them shortly too.

Thanks for your help Rob

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@slowpup, you can follow nobmob on facebook which gets auto updated from new entries on

@Rob, I agree with Hawkeye and it should be on the main page. Yellowmundee had a build day today which had a calander entry. Menai also has a build day each month although no one has been creating entries for them.

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That's my something learned for today. Cheers!

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@slowpup: Schnitzels at the tavern after a Wednesday Terrey Hills night ride Eye-wink

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