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Comparing The Oaks to Six foot track

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By ROB906 - Posted on 30 April 2013

I have never done the Six Foot Track by foot or bike but always wanted to. Now that I have managed The Oaks up and back I was wondering if I can now attempt Six Foot track as an up and back? There seems a little more vertical but the distances seem similar. Anyone got a good gpx file with altitudes so I can compare? Is there any drinking water available on the track do I need to carry everything? How much walking is there? I was planning starting at the cemetery in Megalong Valley. What do you think?

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Hi Rob,
I haven't ridden the 6 foot track, but I hiked it a few years ago & its bloody tough! You're only allowed to ride the sections between Jenolan Caves Rd & Megalong Valley Rd. So you're good to start at the cemetery, where the trail is fairly undulating downhill to the Cox's River. Then its a steadily steepish climb up to the Mini-mini saddle, followed by a drop down to Alum Ck, then a bugger of a climb up to the Black Range. From there its a fairly level ridge-line track to Jenolan Caves Rd.
You will need to carry everything with you as there are no shops along the way, although water is available at the campgrounds at Cox's River, Alum Creek & Black Range.
Have a look at
I can send you my GPX file, but I'm not sure if I can through his site ???

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Have ridden the 6' Track many times especially from Megalong Valley to the Cox's river. Don't let the similar distance to the Oaks fool you as it is a lot more technical in parts and the hill much longer & steeper up to Jenolan Caves road which is "just" ridable for me. Possibly closer in effort to riding Oaks/Andersons and return than just the Oaks. As noted take everything you will need. Its a good day out.

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Purify the water from the Cox's if your going to drink it. Puritabs work well but make the water taste like a swimming pool. I have been told you can use iodine, but I've never tried it and I don't know how much to use.
Alum Creek water is OK and the water at Black Range is in tanks.

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An "A" grader I follow on Strava recently did this ride, bit more than an out and back! Jenolan Caves Rd is around the 30km mark. He barely used Jenolan Caves Road but instead used the Jenolan and Hampton State Forest management trails to ride north. Thats and Epic ride!

Megalong Loop photo Megalongloop.jpg

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