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Psychiatrist booby-traps forest trails with nails, ropes

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By nrthrnben - Posted on 03 May 2013

A psychiatrist has been jailed after booby-trapping national forest trails in the US with ropes and nails because he "did not like downhill mountain bikers".

More here

Author: Alys Francis.
Sources: The Mail Tribune, KOBI5

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this is different, im a bit scared now haha

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Another US one used to be very active commenting in the Manly Daily and advising local green groups a few years ago. This was around the time we got kicked out of Manly Dam and when NPWS didn't know which way to turn. His flawed theories were heavily referenced by local groups in letters to NPWS.

He also sent abuse to the moderator of this site.

All this while based in California.

Luckily for NSW advocacy he was suddenly massively discredited and ceased activity here after being arrested in California for assault with a deadly weapon. He attacked some mountain bike riders on a fire trail with a saw.

TrailCare forwarded copies of the abuse sent to NobMob and Sydney riders as a reference to his character to the Californian police and congratulated them on his arrest.

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On behalf of my fellow Americans, apologies for that douchebag and the problems he caused at Manly Dam, which I ride on a regular basis. Sounds like he got his reward though.

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Is this the same story from 'Futile Fued'? (An article from Bike Magazine, Nov 2011.)

Crazy stuff.

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I remember the saw incident, was the first thing I thought of when reading this post.

Haters are so annoying, we have a stick person on one of our local trails. Have to clear branches every time we revisit and they are obviously placed there, not naturally fallen.

Know your Mountain biker haters.

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of battery, and of displaying a deadly weapon.

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Eggs. There are idiots everywhere in the world. Americans are not alone.

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