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GNR Weather conditions

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By philberesford - Posted on 29 February 2008

I'm off to do have my first crack at the GNR tomorrow. Does anyone know what it would be like after all this recent rain we've had?


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Have a look at our weather page - GNR is about 40% of the way down.

GNR had torrential rain on Tuesday. Then looks like it rained for almost 24 hours straight Thu am to Fri am. So it's going to be dam at the least (slight understatement).

Depending on your route you should expect several large, deep puddles. I can think of a few places where pools form, and they will be big after all this.

A lot of the techie stuff is on solid rock though, so those parts should fair well.

Let us know how you go! Smiling

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One of the guys where I work lives out that way & says after all the rain they have had this week things are very wet, even some of the dirt roads open to traffic are too wet & slippery to drive on at the moment.

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Thanks for the info guys. Had better take some dry clothes with me then.

PS I like the weather page - very handy

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Had a great day on the trail yesterday. Went as far as Western Commission before grabbing a snack, turning about and heading back.

There was plenty of of standing water around between the top of Divines hill and Western Commission track. It was easily avoidable however.

The downhill section (Shepherds Gully?) of GNR from the top of Divines back to the road was very messy. Suicidal in places. We both had some spectacular aerobatic stacks here - narrowly missing the edge of the gully (no serious harm done). Note: A very large tree has fallen across the trail about halfway down, ride with caution.

The sun shone all day, the trail although scrappy in places was lots of fun. My XTC took a battering (so did my brake levers). Would probably do this ride on a dual suspension next time.


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Geeze Phil,

You should have mentioned you had the option of hardtail or dualie, think all would have recommended the later! You probably did well to turn round there. Although the descent down to 10 Mile Hollow is a hoot (nice water bars, but they can get washed out behind so be careful), the climb back might not be to everyone's liking.

Don't feel bad about the tumbles, gets the best of us - I've seen very skilled riders OTB many times here, the last one I recall was on the gully in spectacular fashion.

So thanks for the report. Yeah, that tree on Shepherds Gully has been there for a long time, and yes, it is tricky, non? Eye-wink

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