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Garigal NP/Bantry Bay to get authorised trails - it's official!

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By Rob - Posted on 21 December 2013

Back in June it was announced that NPWS had put out for comment amendments to Garigal National Park that, amongst other things, included provision for an authorised trail at Bantry Bay (see Garigal NP/Bantry Bay Proposed Trails - Act Now!).

The great news is that yesterday these amendments were officially announced and include a map of proposed trails pretty much unchanged from that put out for comment (see attached).

The full plan with these amendments can be found on-line at the Environment & Heritage site here:

It includes some nice phrases such as...

Easily accessible mountain bike riding is also provided for in Garigal National Park. This activity will be enhanced by the purpose-built track proposed for construction in the Bantry Bay area of the park. There are opportunities to link tracks in the park to adjacent natural areas, thus creating a district track network.

The experience provided will be an authorised, cross-country / all-mountain mountain bike route, approximately seven to ten kilometres in length as shown on Map 4. The track will comprise mostly a 'one-way' route from beginner up to intermediate levels. The route will include attractive landscape features, such as view points. It will allow separation of mountain bike riders from bushwalkers. It will be supported by basic local government visitor infrastructure such as car parking space and toilets and will aim to attract local and regional visitors who may wish to enjoy a few hours exploring the park and surrounds.

Happy days Smiling

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Today I found a sniggle, all crown land and legal, running Parallel to Bantry Bay Rd and Wakehurst Parkway. WTF? Never heard of it before. How many more lovely well build little treasures are there out there that link our usual trails ?


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I had heard of the sniggle, but hadn't rode it. You inspired me to have a look. I think I might have passed you on Monday coming back. Nice work to the trail fairies, very good and discrete. Love the forest. It added 10 minutes to my ride and increased the work out.

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It's called The Confused Possum.

Did you ride both sections? Go back and check some of my old strava rides around Manly Dam last last year. We rode it on one of the social rides I organised.

Fun bit of track with some occasional techy bits, varying between flowy and super tight. Smiling

Meant to be ridden uphill I understand. Riders caught descending may be killed and eaten by the possum. Eye-wink

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The bottom half is called the Bewildered Possum and the top half is called Kevin Costner.
It was finished about a year ago.

It was built mainly for riding up the hill, the very tight corners have been straightend out a touch, Feel free to ride it both ways as it is pretty hard to ride DH fast due to the corners.

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