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Bars not beverages!

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By twotommos - Posted on 04 January 2014

What is everyone doing for nutrition on long rides...besides bananas!I've been using Swisse carb bar which worked well for me on the convict last year. Now it looks like they've discontinued this bar which is a real pity. My understanding is that it's mostly Carbs that need replacing besides the salts. So what are you using and what would you recommend?

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I normally use Winners Energy Bars (Apple and berry crumble flavour).

I like to use gels more often then bars though because they are more easy to consume while riding.

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If it's a race or I can't carry real food Half a winners bar every hr or so or a space food stik

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Showing your age there Flynny. Eye-wink

I love 'em, my kids hate them, every now and then I'll slip a box into the shopping

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... I have most of a tub of High5 4:1 carbs and protein drink with electrolytes that I can no longer use as I need to drop dairy out of my diet.

It's a similar product to Hammer Nutrition's Perpetuum that a few guys on this forum. Citrus flavour with whey protein. Flavour wise it may not appeal to everyone but I quite like it.

I find if I use it for the last bottle or two on a long ride (eg 60km) my recovery for the next training ride is much better.

Free to a good home. Pick up only from my place near Manly Dam.

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I'm in NZ at the moment and while I've not done any massive rides, I have eating OSM bars (One Square Meal) they're awesome, not sure if they're available in Aus as they're an NZ made product but I'll definitely be bringing a load back with me.

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Picked some up on a nostalgic whim, kittheknightrider. Worked great as a race food, though a bit hard to get out of the packet in hot conditions. Way ahead of their time as an energy snack

Space food sticks, kids. They got is to the friggin moon, man!

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But where do you get Space Food Sticks? I thought they were discontinued years ago, in the 80's.

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Haven't seen them in the supermarket for ages.

Did they really use them on the moon missions or was it marketing bullshit like Kelloggs Nutrigrain, where it's 70% white sugar, the cardboard box is more nutritious than the contents, and the sponsored athletes actually eat weetbix?

Back on topic, those winners bars aren't bad for a supermarket product. They actually work and are even semi digestible when you're going hard. They could do with being a bit softer and moister but if you cam manage to keep your mouth wet they're quite ok.

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Can't eat Maltadexdrin either so have the Gu Bottles with my own "special" formula in them!
I find any bars too dry to swallow whilst you're in the red zone.

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Just realised you were talking about rides, not races.
I just take my favorite muesli bars out when training. Much cheaper than "sports" bars.

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Space food sticks are still sold in supermarkets, Caramel and Chocolate. Very high in sugar though.

I'm a big fan of Sunbrite's banana slice but I can only find them in some service stations.

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Yeah they're not bad either.

Agree - annoying that you can only get them from the overpriced servo snack bar racks. Sad

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