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Calories, Powermeters, and a lovely video

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By Antsonline - Posted on 27 January 2014

Hey all.

So I havent forgotten I have promised to wrtie some stuff down in a regular blog about training. I am just working on the format, and how to make it 'real' for all levels of rider. There might even be some videos (if JP and I ever get to sit down and plan it)...

In the meantime, I wanted to share this link with you all. It written by a guy called Allen Lim, who is pretty much a 'go to' source on food and fluids.

It probably seems pretty basic, and if you dont run a power meter on your roadie (or MTB) then some of it might seem arbitrary. Nonetheless, its a good article, and will provide links to other articles.

The video at the end is a classic. Such a little pinner!!

Happy Australia Day holiday all...

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Nice article, and great video!

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Looking forward to reading your coming training threads. I'm starting my Fenner based training tonight. Did my Threshold HR test on Sunday = oh dear, it's gonna be a tough old road to fitness Eye-wink

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I love my power meter. I'm such a data junkie Sticking out tongue

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Surely you mean power meter's' Brian and not the singular Smiling

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Did anyone say 3 and still counting

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