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All aboard Tristraining

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By Tristania - Posted on 07 January 2014

In February, once I get back from overseas, Tristraining starts again. Just thought I'd take the opportunity for a heads up for anyone interested in doing a 100km event this autumn - you know, Capital Punishment or Convict 100. Anyone interested in doing a good, solid training ride for one of these two events, I'll be going to do several reconnaissance rides on the GNR once the course direction is finalized where I'll be practicing the course as well as rides in the Blue Mtns. If you are aiming for a sub-5hr time in the Convict, shoot me a PM if you'd like someone to ride with as I'll be doing some of these rides to get the kays up and can go slower than my anticipated race pace as doing training together always helps. So keen for this race season and hoping I can help others improve their skills.

Best wishes to all those entering races - and social rides - this year, see y'all when I get back from Thailand on Feb 9th!

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Hi Tristan,

Come and have a season warm up at Round 3 of the Weldtite WSMTB Summer 4 Hours Series on 22 Feb, 5 - 9 pm. Twilight race!

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