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Convict 100

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Convict 100 - The Benchmark of my season ...

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The Convict is always a race I look forward to. It was my first 100km race in 2012 and one I have done every year since. For me it’s a benchmark of my progression, and one of the few races where I know my race times off my head!
With a new bike this year I started putting the pressure on myself a couple of months out. Had I made the right decision changing bikes? Would I be quicker? Was I as fit as last year? Each year I feel I am at my peak for this race, so the pressure to repeat the performance seems higher each time.

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My first Convict 100

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I am going to ride the C100 for the first time this August. I was glad that it got moved as I was not available for May.

So the important questions that I am hoping that someone will be able to help me on.

1. I am reasonably fit for a 50+ year old ... Ride twice a week for 50k plus each time and don't mind the hills.
Q - Do I need to train more that this for the 100?

2. I have ridden roads bikes for the past 10 years but recently - 12 months ago - bought a MTB and love it as a change up from the road bike.

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Ever thought about entering an MTB marathon?

Cycologically Challenged!

Many thanks to all the keen competitors from last weekend's Convict 100 race who took the time to blog about the event and share their stories. There were indeed some fantastic efforts and great yarns.

It's not fair to single anyone out - every participant makes an event - but is always good to share a photo so here's Tristan riding the infamous bridge. Have a look at Cycologically Challenged! to hear how he went.

Great to see so many riders keen to share like this, and so many comments of appreciation, encouragement and congratulations. This is what MTB is about to many - a huge challenge out in the (relative) wilds with mates and strangers alike. Strangers who, after a ride along the Woomerah Range, somehow you will have a special connection with forever. If you've been there, done that you know exactly what I'm talking about! Eye-wink

For those not sure about trying an event like this, take a look at the blogs on the Convict 100 2014 page. Just don't be put off too much. Remember: nothing worth doing in life is ever easy!

Also remember that blogs like this build into a handy reference of event results in a tab on your profile and you don't have to write an essay to do that.

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Convict 100 - the training keeps paying dividends!

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The convict was my first ever MTB marathon race in 2012, I remember it being hard and hating every hill with a passion. I eventually rolled in after 6.5hrs (ish).

After this I focused on hills as the core of my training - every hill I could find I went hard at. Last year I felt much stronger and pulled a 5:06, which I was super stoked with. I still felt the back end of the race was a let down (I hit a wall around 85kms), so made a note to increase core fitness and focus on nutrition.

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All aboard Tristraining

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In February, once I get back from overseas, Tristraining starts again. Just thought I'd take the opportunity for a heads up for anyone interested in doing a 100km event this autumn - you know, Capital Punishment or Convict 100. Anyone interested in doing a good, solid training ride for one of these two events, I'll be going to do several reconnaissance rides on the GNR once the course direction is finalized where I'll be practicing the course as well as rides in the Blue Mtns.

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Convict and Capital Punishment Entries Open

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For those that aren't aware, just letting everyone know that Capital Punishment entries (March 15th) opened several days ago and Convict 100 (May 3rd) entries open tomorrow... so take the big step and make up your mind whether to do these great rides. The calendar is a bit hard to find on the site, but mark your attendance to represent the NoBMoB crowd here:

where you can also find a link to their respective websites.

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Convict 100 2014

Saturday, 3 May, 2014 - 07:00
Ride Database Entry: 
Great Northern Road
Ride Database Entry: 
Womerah Range
Meeting Point: 

St Albans, NSW

Bulga St and Wharf st, st albans, nsw

The Convict 100 is regarded as one of Australia's most challenging mountain bike endurance races, consistently inspiring all entrants to push their personal boundaries.

Now in its tenth year, the course follows the historic Convict Trail through the Dharug and Yengo National Parks. The mix of fast fire trail, technical rock gardens, rocky descents and spectacular ridgeline views is any other MTB event. The Convict 100 starts and finishes in the historic township of St. Albans and competitors can choose between the full "Century of Dirt" or the Convict half.

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What am I being CONVICTED of?

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UPDATE: My friend Graham kindly came along to watch, first at the canoe bride and then at the end, and has a short clip of the river crossing


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Never been so motionless in all my life or been so happy to get off the bike - not saying I regret doing it though!

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Being my first race after leaving school, I figured (what was then) Dirtworks was a great one to start in because (a) I've always loved GNR, (b) It's relatively close, (c) It's well known and (d) because it's such a great challenge featuring all different type of terrain, from the feel of Tour de France at the beginning to a world champion MTB race in the overgrown part of GNR.


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The day I beat Jason English. Sort of.

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My goal this year was to finish in the top 10% in a 50km XCM race, and having placed 33rd (out of 232) in my category at last weekend's Capital Punishment, I was determined to do better at Convict 100. I didn't really know what to expect, but most of my training is done in Lane Cove National Park, so I like steep hills and rocky fire trails. So I lined up at the back of the first wave, shivering cold and waiting for the start. The guy next to me said "make sure you ride in a bunch - you don't want to be alone in a headwind on the final dirt road section".

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