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Convict 100 - the training keeps paying dividends!

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By Jonny - Posted on 04 May 2014

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Convict 100 2014
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The convict was my first ever MTB marathon race in 2012, I remember it being hard and hating every hill with a passion. I eventually rolled in after 6.5hrs (ish).

After this I focused on hills as the core of my training - every hill I could find I went hard at. Last year I felt much stronger and pulled a 5:06, which I was super stoked with. I still felt the back end of the race was a let down (I hit a wall around 85kms), so made a note to increase core fitness and focus on nutrition.

I did quite a few other races last year (fling, capital punishment, jet black 12 etc), but I always like to use the convict as a solid benchmark of my progress.

Having had another baby join the family 7 weeks ago I won't pretend my training recently has been ideal, but I still focused on hills, core fitness and nutrition.

I went off at the back of Wave 1, and enjoyed the fast pace on the first road section (I find running 3x10 works brilliantly for a race like the convict, the big ring is superb on the road sections). I tried to keep a consistent but conservative pace for the first 50, and sure enough Strava agrees (around 90 seconds off last year over the first 50). I found I was really strong on the hills and technical climbs, could hold my own on the flats, but was outgunned on the descents (it would appear I'm more conservative than those around me!).

I got to the kayak bridge and saw 8 people walking and no-one riding! I went straight on and had a safe trip across. I got into road riding mode once over the bridge but struggled being out on my own into the head wind. I eventually caught a couple of others and settled into a solid pace. I found the big hill and lot easier this year and kept a focus in my average speed.

Once back on the road I got my head down and pushed out some big efforts. I found myself leading 3 or 4 others and keeping up a 30km/hr+ average on the road. I was a bit disappointed in the last 3kms that 3 or 4 guys drafted me and no-one came up to share the load (though at the end one guy came up to me and said he wanted to take over but could barely keep up let alone overtake!).

I was super stoked to break the 5hr, with a 10min improvement on last year!

Focus for next year will be technical descending, I was very happy with the core fitness, climbing and nutrition this year.

(On nutrition - I went to bottles instead of a camelback this year and it worked well. I had one on the frame and one in the jersey. I found two bottles plus one muesli bar worked a treat and didn't need to stop at any feed stations. I'm a big fan of he infinit powder, but will be tweaking mine slightly to bring the flavour down a little)

Let's see what next year brings!!

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Well done! Smiling

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thats a great result, well done!

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