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Heading to the Rotorua Redwoods for a hit and run - all tips welcomed!!

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By amarkie - Posted on 09 January 2014

Hi Everyone (not sure what category I should have put this post)

Im heading to the Rotorua Redwoods the weekend after next for a hit and run. Saturday afternoon and Sunday until I can't ride no more (so maybe lunch).

Im hiring because I have the work trip from hell either side of Rotovegas and don't want to be lugging the bike box around. I'm staying at the Alpin and have a car.

I'm buying a manky, 6 ride shuttle pass to ride the Hucks, Corners, Split Enz and will DEFINITELY be riding Challenge Trail. I have a strong desire to ride Hot X Buns and maybe Boulderdash if I have the stones.

Looking for any tips on riding the Redwoods especially when it comes to getting to the likes of Challenge and HXB.



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I was there 2 weeks ago for a while.
I love Corners, but think my new favourite combo is G-Rock, Chestnut link, Roller Coaster. They all join and flow together...

I am surprised I am saying this, but miss Corners just once, and give them a go.....

Maybe (if you are feeling 'full man') start it with Billy T????

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I was planning on Billy T and TTOT. Whats the climb up like from the shuttle (compare to other fire trail climbs you've done).

G-Rock and Chestnut were depending on how much I loved either Huck to Corners or Split Enz so thanks for the tip I think you've pushed them up the ladder.

Maybe I should do 1 run of each trail on Saturday and then pick my favs for re-riding on Sunday?

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The climb isn't that bad to be honest, especially if you haven't ridden from the bottom.
Its not steep, not loose under the wheels, and as long as you aren't in a rush, you can cruise up there fine.
My girlfriend did it with me, and she is a 90min a week rider. Not at all cycling fit.

I was there on a hardtail, with only 140mm rotors and a seatpost that didn't drop. I really couldn't smash down those trails, but still loved them.

I'll be heading back with big brakes, a dropper post, and losta travel before the year is out I reckon!

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I must admit I'm disappointed not to be taking my bike (Giant Reign) for all the reasons you pointed out, but I'm planning on hiring one of the new Trance SX 27.5 .. and that could end badly .. for my wallet.

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The Trance would be a great bike for the trails there. I am so dialled into 29 inch wheels that I was thinking a Specialized Stumpjumper 29er.
I think its 99% certain you'll buy that Trance once you have ridden it a bit!

Isnt that what credit cards were designed for?

Like I said, I'll be going back (I have my own bucks party in Sept, and all my mates ride - no brainer really) this year. With a proper bike.

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Since you asked, here goes my version of a great day.
From the car park ( off Waipa State Mill Road ) find your way to the top of the hill that overlooks the town. This is where 'Corridor' and 'Tokorangi' start. Ride all of 'Corridor' then ride back to the start. Ride 'Tokorangi' into 'Turkish Delight', pop on to the fireroad over to 'Challenge'. At the bottom, head back up to the top.
However, you'll pass by a trail called 'Paddy's Trail' which was previously called 'A-Trail'. Ride this trail, a descent. When done, ride across to 'Tickler' which descends into a gully and then up the other side.
At this junction, you can fill up with water. Then, ride 'Bunny Jugs 1 & 2' and you'll soon arrive at the shuttle pick up. Get on shuttle.
At the top, go around the barrier and go uphill a bit to 'Billy T' and ride this into 'G-Rock' and then into 'Chestnut Link' then into 'Rollercoaster'. You'll come onto a fireroad, find your way back to the shuttle pick up. Get back on.
At the top, ride 'Huckleberry Hound' into 'Little Red Riding Huck' to the bottom. Get back on shuttle. Then, ride all of 'Corners'. Get back on shuttle.
This time, ride from the drop off, marked as 'Under Billy'. It's just 'Billy T' with a lower start point. When you finish that trail, ride the fireroad to the start of 'Split Enz' and into 'Pondy DH' and Pondy New' which will bring you on to a mid point of 'Rollercoaster'. When you get to the end, turn left on the fireroad and find 'Old Chevy' which, like an old Chevy, just keeps going...
After all that, you'd've had a great day.
Clearly, there's many other fine trails to ride and many ways to link them. This example really worked for me and I hope you like it too.

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I was in NZ last week and rode most of the Queenstown trails (minus the downhill mtb park)on a hired Trance SX and absolutely loved it. I'll be in the market for a new dually in a couple of months time and the Trance will be making the shortlist

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Great info about the Corridor area and the way to link it all up cheers.

With only a short time on the trails those tips are invaluable.

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as Delicious says, start at the gate of the mill road. Ed at Planet Bike makes a mean coffee. The Redwoods start is a bit of a mission IMHO.

Do use the hire car to get to the start points. There is a wash station at the Bike Rotorua car park.

Buy a paper map, do not buy a cloth map.

Most locals ride a hardtail.

Get booze from Woolies which is on yr right as you drive into town. The selection is excellent and very cheap.

Beautiful India does an excellent curry. Their Jaipur Lager is marvellous.

If you can be bothered, go onto MTBR, go to the Ibis forum, look for a guy called Maverick005 and se if he could show you around. Nice block and really knows the trails. He showed me around back in May. He's a local builder and will be able to take you down some real local trails.

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... when I was there earlier this year, I stayed at the Novotel down near the lake and it was no drama to cycle to either the Redwoods entry (although some logging going on which made it a bit more difficult than usual) or to the main entrance - there is now a shared walk / mtb path over the ridge which means you don't have to ride the road to get there. Just follow the bike path out of town and you can't miss it.
Bike wash, coffee, food, bike rentals, air, tools all available at that entrance. It's almost like they WANT you to go riding a bike there!

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This is the sort of all-round information that MTBers need to know!

"Get booze from Woolies which is on yr right as you drive into town. The selection is excellent and very cheap."

I will be abstaining on this trip for performance reasons but clearly we're on the same wavelength Smiling

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