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Rotorua/MTB holiday advice

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It is common knowledge that in order for one to call himself a mountain biker (particularly in Australia), he must make a pilgrimage to Rotorua at least once in his lifetime. Hence when I consider the need for a MTB holiday between the completion of my internship at Christmas and the start of my final year at uni in March, this is naturally my destination in mind.

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Just wanted to say thanks to kittheknightrider for his tips on where to stay in Rotorua. The Alpin is excellent. Close to the trails, a functional kitchen, free wifi, a bike wash, and very comfortable. Our suite has separate bedrooms for a very reasonable rate. A bike mounted atop the sign is a good clue they welcome mountain bikers. Smiling

We arrived yesterday and hit the trails for the first time today.

Highlights of todays riding were The Dipper, A Trail, Tickler, B Rude Not 2 and Mad If You Don't.

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Rotorua Redwoods - Video Highlights

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HI Guys

At the end of January I spent 1.5 days riding the Rotorua Redwoods. Despite having an unnatural obsession with watching the AMB Mag and FlowMTB videos I still was unprepared for the amazing experience of riding the Redwoods. Probably the most surprising aspect was how technical the trails were, despite the lack of rocks.

The 2 minute trailer I did for my friends who really aren't into it that much

The full 14 minute video

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Heading to the Rotorua Redwoods for a hit and run - all tips welcomed!!

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Hi Everyone (not sure what category I should have put this post)

Im heading to the Rotorua Redwoods the weekend after next for a hit and run. Saturday afternoon and Sunday until I can't ride no more (so maybe lunch).

Im hiring because I have the work trip from hell either side of Rotovegas and don't want to be lugging the bike box around. I'm staying at the Alpin and have a car.

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Lion's Tail

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Lion's Tail Pratiwi

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Rotorua Taxi


I've done something silly and can't ride my bike home, can you help? Eye-wink

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Tuhoto Aniki Ditty

Best Mountain Bike