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By hawkeye - Posted on 03 December 2014

Just wanted to say thanks to kittheknightrider for his tips on where to stay in Rotorua. The Alpin is excellent. Close to the trails, a functional kitchen, free wifi, a bike wash, and very comfortable. Our suite has separate bedrooms for a very reasonable rate. A bike mounted atop the sign is a good clue they welcome mountain bikers. Smiling

We arrived yesterday and hit the trails for the first time today.

Highlights of todays riding were The Dipper, A Trail, Tickler, B Rude Not 2 and Mad If You Don't.

Tomorrow we're going to try our luck with Corners, Split Enz, Pondy, and Roller Coaster.

The terrain is fantastic. Lots of climbing but nothing really nasty. Lots of stuff graded Intermediate Grade 3, which is kind of high green low blue like you'd find on the more interesting parts of courses like the Mont 24 or the flow suction of Old Mans Valley. Big berms in places. Don't look over the edge of the trail though, some of the hillsides the trail traverses are steep. Just what the doctor ordered, allowing me to ease in and rebuild confidence after my very painful off a couple of weekends ago.

On the popular trails the surface is well buffed, much like Taree trails when they've gone thru with the leaf blower before the Chocolate Foot. Gobs of traction and your bike hardly needs cleaning afterwards, it's almost like you've been road riding - a little bit of dust on the tyre and rear derailleur. Also remarkable is the almost complete absence of braking bumps. Not sure if it's the outstanding trail design, the soil, or both.

The redwood plantation areas are a lot like the pine working forests in Canberra and Orange, except the forest understory is much less barren. But the non plantation areas let you know you are in a completely different ecosystem to Aus.

Once I've got some decent video I'll load it up. Smiling

More to come.

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you obviously didnt go to the top? try and climb Hill or Direct road plus Frontal Labottomy

Cerainly a great place to go. Make sure you make time and head out to the Skyline Gondola.

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That'll take you up to corners which you will want to do more than once, trust me. Make sure you do Old Chevy, and not the last trail of the week as I did earlier this year.

Braking ruts, you haven't been down Huckelberry or Pondy New yet have you?

The climb to Split Enz is a bit boring by Rotorua standards so you may be better taking the shuttle all the way to the top then climbing the to Tuhoto Ariki and linking Split Enz from there.

Glad you are happy with The Alpin but I can't take credit for that, it must go to Blondie and Sean.

Enjoy yourselves.

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