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My Family Weekend in Canberra with a Race thrown in

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By Fatboy - Posted on 16 March 2014

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I came into my first race of the season with low expectations but a great opportunity to get some racing in my legs and have a weekend away with my family. I had 2 months off following surgery and have been back on the bike for 5 weeks.

My confidence crashed a couple of weeks ago when Gordo called and said go borrow a road bike as it’s going to be really wet so we’ll go for a ride around Camden on the road. So I turn up and less than 15min into the ride when my heart rate is maxed out we hit a climb called Old Razorback. It was brutal and while I’m in the absolute easiest gear struggling to maintain forward motion in parts he’s telling me stories and mentions one where he won a 6km time trial up this hill and when he hit the finish straight heard them announce over the speakers he was the only one who made the whole climb in the big dog. That would have been an impressive story but while my heart was in my throat and I was in my easiest gear all I could think about was how I have a long road to get back any fitness…

In hindsight coming into a race with low expectations was probably good as I normally spend way too long preparing the bike, reading the race info, drawing maps for my wife etc. then getting to bed late and racing on not much sleep. This time I checked into Crown Plaza, did my race check in thing then dinner in the restaurant with my family and off to bed early. I didn't read a thing and just said to Liz to meet me at the college she met me last year and not to worry if she can’t find it as I’ll carry my phone and call her when I get there.

I started in wave 5 near the back and had an uneventful race. The first 20km were really slow being a long Congo line through the single track but we still managed to do it in just over an hour so I figure it wasn't too costly. I rode what felt a consistent pace until I climbed Stromlo where I slowed and felt I’d lost my mojo. I stayed on the wheel of someone the whole way up but felt I was peddling backwards. As we got to the top to my surprise my wife and kids were there cheering everyone on. What a moment! I got my mojo back! I had a chat to the guy in front then off I went and smashed it to the finish.

I then had plenty of time to watch my kids both race in the 5-7yo event. In fact I had to push my 5yo princess the whole way because she didn't feel like pedaling too hard… good thing I hadn't just done 100km myself!!!!!

We had a great family day today with a visit to Cockington Green then out to Clonakilla then Lark Hill Wineries where we stocked up, had lunch and did the late trip home.

EDIT - Happy with my time as I beat last year by nearly 40mins.

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Nice. A very well rounded weekend. Your kids were a delight when I met them - and hopefully no claret this time?

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Well done craig - with that time you can still tell that you have an underlying base, know how to pedal and no how to handle your bike through the singletrack.

Great to see the kids, and have them there to cheer you on.

Great work mate, this is the start you needed for a few more races throughout the year.

See you in a month or so.


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Craig you came flying down past me on the luge on your Whyte at the end there. You finished in style!

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It's great when you beat previous times by such a massive margin. Glad this result was more satisfactory in your Fling nightmare and sounds like a good all round weekend!

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Nice one craig, that sounds like a very satisfying ride.

You may have hit a good formula for the weekend Smiling

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