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Cascades Night Ride

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By mikebl - Posted on 06 May 2014

Tuesday, 6 May, 2014 - 20:30
1.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Meeting Point: 

End of Wyatt Ave, Belrose - this is on the East side of Garigal National Park.

-33.724071, 151.210407 (Wyatt Ave, Belrose)

Hey team,

Going to do the 4 gates tonight.

Will push a bit on the climbs to work on fitness, but downhills will be relaxed given it will be dark...

Anyone else keen??


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Im in hope dinner stays down.

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Thanks for the company Steve.

Good ride tonight, always tough doing the 4 gates, but great for the fitness.

Just have to do more of it...

Here's my Garmin data for the run.

Not sure what happened with the Max HR near the beginning, I think there must have been some hiccups....otherwise pretty sure I shouldn't be here still...


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Regarding HR issue it's a skin to HR strap contact issue. You need to put a small amount of water between it and your skin for the conductivity. If you put it on dry skin readings will be wacky until you sweat enough to produce the required moisture level.

Cold nights don't help either.

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Cheers Mike,

was fun.


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With a bit of notice, I'd be keen to join you if you do this night ride again. Keep us posted.

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Nice average speed last night boys! 987km/h!


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Bugger was trying to average 1000km/hr but I just don't have the legs for those hills!
Ummm I think Strava is broken.

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Hey Andy,

Thanks mate. Guessed as much.

When I put the strap on at home I dabbed some water on the contacts. Didn't start riding for about another 40mins or so.

I'll have to remember to put some more on just before I start riding.

Although, I reckon 251bpm does look impressive....let's not worry that it's 70bpm higher than my max should be Eye-wink


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Hey Pete,

Will try and post up with more notice in future.

With my other rides I normally post up a few days prior, but this one was just me itching to ride after the recent weather....

I may try and do Cascades once a week from now on, typically either Tuesday or Thursday, so keep an eye out.

Also, given my schedule with kids etc, it's normally an 8:30pm start time as well.


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Hey Steve,

Wow, that's fast alright. No wonder I was struggling to keep up in places.

We should change your forum name to "The Flash" with pace like that.


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