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Cascades Night Ride

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By mikebl - Posted on 13 May 2014

Thursday, 15 May, 2014 - 20:30
1.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Meeting Point: 

End of Wyatt Ave, Belrose - this is on the East side of Garigal National Park.

-33.724071, 151.210407 (Wyatt Ave, Belrose)

Hey team,

Going to do the 4 gates in the dark again.

Will push a bit on the climbs to work on fitness, but downhills will be relaxed given it will be dark...

Anyone else keen??


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Interested as I have never done the Cascades. but wondering how fast you'll be going as don't want to slow ya down. I.E will I have have to wear my carbon sunglasses.Smiling

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I'm keen just need to get my bike built - (damn CRC delivery times!) I'll keep you posted if I can make it.

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Hey Gus,

Just join in mate.

Don't worry about slowing me down....I'm not that fast.
I've been slowing everyone else down in previous rides...they wait at any intersections or top of climbs.

Last week we did it in about 1:25.

All you have to worry about is your lights lasting the distance. I think I'm good for about 2hrs with mine.


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Hey Pete,

Hope you get your parts...might see ya tomorrow.


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Hey Mike,

Just remembered I booked a ride with my other bike( my Mrs)tomorrow night.
Please keep us in the loop for next time you head to the Cascades though


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No parts in the postbox when I got home tonight. Sad

It's the headset I'm waiting for so I can't really build anything until I get that fitted.

Have a good ride, I'll try to make it next week.

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I was waiting on a headset from CRC a few weeks ago. Took 2.5 weeks to give you an idea of delivery times..

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Had a good ride lastnight. On my own, but still a good workout.

Garmin details:

I must remember to wet the HR strap to stop those pesky false readings at the start of the ride.

I'm away for the next week, so no riding until Sunday 25 May for me.
Hitting up the Terry Hills Epic with Northside for a bit of fun.

After that keep an eye out for some more night rides through the week. Keen to do Cascades at least once each week at night. Might even squeeze in two.


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Muskboy, I've still not received it yet and I've been waiting since the 6th. Hopefully it's there tomorrow......

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