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Port to Port

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By Jake. - Posted on 18 May 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Is anybody here going to race in this event? I am doing all 4 days, and I expect to be pretty stuffed by the end. Smiling

Also, as this race will pass through Glenrock I wonder what sort of impact, if any, there might be on the trails. Although I've only been in Newcastle for 3 years I don't recall seeing any race days here.


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I live in the area, & thought it might be fun!

Then I saw the entry fee & thought otherwise. The event does look great - & the travel service provided is awesome.

But... that's a lot of money. Just my 2c.

I really hope there's a good turnout! It'd be great to have a successful multi-day mtb event in Newy.

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Looking forward to it. I've done some road riding up that way but no MTb.

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Yes, I agree, they are asking too much and will turn a lot of riders away, but am still looking forward to it

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Well, it's $99 for one stage using one of the discount vouchers getting around. Cheaper than the Convict for example. But yeah, for all 4 days it certainly racks up a bit.

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Too late for me now, but for next time, where do you get a discount voucher?

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Drift Bikes had one, check their web or blog, and I saw one somewhere else. Rego still open till 21st.

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