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24 hr race - what to bring?

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By jpack - Posted on 29 April 2014

I am entering my first team 24 hour race.

What advice do you have in terms of what equipment, spares, general kit should I bring?


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I'll start this off

As many clean pairs of knicks as you will do laps. This for hygiene and prevention of saddle sores. Jerseys optional, but at least a few if you want to avoid being on the nose with your teammates.

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Your night laps are going to be cool to cold to down right freezing. Also your body core temp drops durin the night even when riding so warm kit is a must. Next......

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I bring tools and spares that I would bring on a normal ride, plus a bunch of extras like chain, pads and heavy tools with a work stand.
Bike cleaning stuff, such as a pressurised garden sprayer comes in handy as to start a new lap with a cleaner bike is a nice option.
lights and layers for night laps as well as 4 or 5 sets of nicks and tops, spare shoes as well.

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... but I've found things like a chair and a bed are pretty handy and some earplugs or headphones to help block out the village when you do get a chance to sleep (best if you're in a team of 6). Some cleaning gear, lube and silicon spray to spruce up the bike with between laps.

A beer wench (or more appropriate carbohydrate equivalent) is also really handy.....

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* gas cooker, pots and pans if you intend to cook.

* gas light

* esky

* water container (20L) per person

* camp stretcher

* sleeping bag

* chair

* helmet, track pump, mini pump, spare tube

* denkorub

* powerade or other sports drinks

* bike

* helmet

* lights (front and back)

* riding shoes

* spare riding clothes

* gloves (warm and light weight)

* glasses (clear lenses for night riding – cheap electrical/welding safety glasses fit the bill)

* spare socks

* gels/energy bars (available there to purchase)

* chain lube and rag

* spare tubes, chain breaker, multi-tool pump, tire leavers

* warm riding jacket

* warm arm & leggings

* old blanket

* drink bottles

* newspaper (to stuff shoes in between laps, absorbing moisture)

* tent

* sleeping bag

* pillow

* camp stretcher, self-inflating mattress, yoga mat …the ground there will probably be quite firm

* alarm of some sort (if you want to wake in time for your night laps)

* torch

* food & drinks

* portable music player

* bucket and towel

* spare towels

* spare plastic bags

* warm, comfortable clothes

* beanie

* radio – to tune into our event radio station

* warm gloves

* slip on campsite shoes

* bowl/cutlery/tea towel

* whiteboard

* large clock

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ohhh and add

beer for crabs.
scotch for courage.


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Thanks @stantheman.
Your list is quite comprehensive.

In answer to the other question. The plan is 6 man team.

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A whiteboard! You need to put up the roster and schedule for all to see, as long as no-one EVER gets left waiting in transition for the next rider the rest is just pedaling

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yea 6 team is great fun.

hammer a lap. socialise.

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As far as tools & spare equipment goes

keep it to a minimal
you can get most urgent spare parts at the race usually.

But I start with a bike in tip top shape. I usually do a massive tune/look over 2 weeks before. This way If I haven't tightened something usually comes off before the race. If my fork & rear damper need changing or rebuilding I do that at least 1 month before.

but generally I bring a

basic tool set. I have one of those 30 pieces one like park tools
5 spare tubes always carry 2
spare links
chain Braker
Tyre levers
Tyre sealant (if you run tubeless)
10 CO2 canisters (always carry 3 on a lap)
CO2 pump
Derailleur cable
Bleeding Cup
brake fluid
allen keys

Ive never had to bleed my brakes in a 24hr race. But you never know one of your team members may need it.
I also usually try to start with fresh tires at least 2 weeks ahead. To make sure they are sealed correctly.

There is also usually plenty of mechanical help available track side. Ive had my forks rebuilt one year by fox. Thank god it was under warranty. another year the track was pretty wet. I had the inner & outer cables replaced because I was running with 3 gears only.

Last year at the Scott 24 my partners derailleur broke off. He got it replaced. But you just can't plan for everything. That was the first time we had a mechanical where we lost considerable time.

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1. Pancakes
2. Bacon
3. Maple syrup
If you can't get them at the race coffee and beer are 4 & 5.

Everything else is just window dressing.

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yea too right. Its for the pussies

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Stan's list is awesome. Add chamois cream and it's perfect.

Oh, and a computer maybe. And if you're really lucky a bloke with a really well set up 4wd that has power.

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What about a shock pump in case shock pressure isnt correct for the track you are riding , not everyone gets there a day early to check the track out ...I got caught out a few weeks back the rearshock was very very low so I didnt ride and went back home because I didn't check my bike before I left the house .

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