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Cascades Night Ride

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By mikebl - Posted on 16 June 2014

Tuesday, 17 June, 2014 - 20:30
1.5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Meeting Point: 

End of Wyatt Ave, Belrose - this is on the East side of Garigal National Park.

-33.724071, 151.210407 (Wyatt Ave, Belrose)

Hey team,

Going to do the 4 gates in the dark again.

Should be mint conditions after a couple of nice fine days.

Anyone else keen??


Who's in?
andyfev, Pete B, mikebl
andyfev Pete B mikebl
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Ordered a new headlight as my current one falls out of the mount even on the roads. Hoping to make future rides. She'll be a cold one tonight

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I'm in. Smiling

I've not done the four gates before so looking forward to it.

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Depending on whether the kids go to bed on time and stay in bed then I'm in. I'll be using good old duct tape to secure my light to my bars Eye-wink

If I'm not there by 8:35pm I won't be showing up

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For some reason when you mentioned duct tape I was expecting the next words to be "secure my kids to the bed" Shocked

Well, it's an idea Evil

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Hahahaha... I like it Hawkeye... Ok, so some advice to those fathers that wished they had a car bed as a child... Buying one for your two year old son is counter productive... Sleep time is now play time... D'oh!

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Great ride last night guys. My first ever night ride on the dirt and really enjoyed it. Even managed to beat Pete B up Quarry Track climb... Taking advantage of Pete's unusually low fitness but it counts Eye-wink

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No it doesn't. Eye-wink

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It's on Strava Eye-wink

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Had a good ride last night, thanks for the company guys.

Was hard work for my first time EVER in clipless pedals.
Pretty sure they need a better setup as it wasn't quite right.

I think a proper fit by the LBS is in order to fix that up.

Only the one "incident" not too bad for my first every go with them.

I'll go back to the flats until I get a proper fit.


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What's the issue with the fit, Mike?

Cleats should be as far back as the shoes will allow and, assuming you have Shimano pedals, back the spring tension off to minimum when starting out with clipless pedals. Cleats should be aligned to centre where your foot naturally lands on your flat pedal, for the sake of your knees. You want to avoid bumping against the limit of float when pedalling as that will lead to irritated knees and ultimately injury if not resolved.

Other than that you may need to raise or lower saddle a few mm to compensate for the change in stack height, depending on whether shoe plus pedal thickness is more or less than your flats, and whether the cleat position is fore or aft of where your foot finds itself on your flats.

Besides being much more efficient pedalling, more secure against your foot rattling of the pedals on rough stuff, I like the repeatability of the foot position as it is kinder to my back.

I hope this helps Smiling

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Thanks for the tips Hawkeye.

I didn't have the position right. The cleats were not far enough back, and my right one was too close to the crank arm.

I will also have to adjust seat height as it felt a little low.

I'll have a play on Saturday and get out to Manly Dam on Sunday arvo(if it's open).


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