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The end of the (Woody) world(s)

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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 24 June 2014

Someone at work geed me up to do the Woody worlds Careflight this year
I'm wondering if it's far from Euroka up to the single track
And is anyone going to do that so I can tag along

And come up and say hi if you see me
I'll be on my old faithful 2005 stumpy recently rebuilt and resprayed stealth black

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Hi Mr Bloot!

It's only a couple of k's back to the single track, the only thing is the climb out of Euroka. You have 2 options there, take the main road up or go back up via the Ironbarks firetrail. Either of these puts you in close proximity to the new bit of sniggle.
I have the family coming down otherwise I'd join you for a bit of sessioning.
See you on Sunday morning.

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How's those mountain legs of yours going G

How you getting to Woodford?

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double post whoopsy

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Yeah the few times I've done the race we normally slip up the middle firetrail (Is that Iron Barks) which comes out not far from the start of the single trail.

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I'll be there too Bloot, see you Sunday.

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See you there Michael
haven't even ridden the oaks in 3 years so should be interesting
Seems a smaller turn out of crew this year

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I'll try and get to Euroka to see the finish and might come for a slow poodle around after if things are looking OK.

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If I get this damn bike built up????

Andy Bloot's picture

what bike this time Gaz
Surely you have a fleet of others Sticking out tongue

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Iron Barks is correct Flynny. My brother will be giving me a lift to the start and meeting me at the finish. I haven't discussed it with him yet but was thinking of bringing my second bike so we could do some sessions of the new singletrack after the race. He is only a novice. He's done the Oaks once with me and managed to fracture his arm the one time I took him to Mt Annan.

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Going back to my roots and going back on a hardtail.

Andy Bloot's picture

A hardtail with your bony arse? Sticking out tongue
You are a glutton for punishment

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Anyone want to give me a lift from Wenty falls to the start
And in return I can give you a lift from Glenbrook station back to W'ford

I'm leaving my car down there o'night
But the train arrives Woodford at 8am, and i'd prefer not to have to wait around for an hour

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Blooty - I am meeting at Hazo and rolling down to the start. Pretty difficult to fit two MTB's in though....

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What time you meeting at Hazo Giles?
Train arrives at 7.50
I could have a warm up roll down with you - better that standing around in the cold

hathill's picture

Around 8:00 I reckon.
We can discuss race strategy........

Andy Bloot's picture

sounds good mate - see you around 8 on the car park side

my race strategy is to pretend I can keep up with you
And blame manflu when I can't

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