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Do you like a real challenge?

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By Chitts - Posted on 24 June 2014

There is a new race in South Africa with the highest prize money of any MTB race in the world at a whopping US$ 1,000,000.

The race is 1,000km and there is one stage. Teams of two race "non-stop" for the 1,000km and the first three teams to cross the finish line get $750k, $100k, and $50k, with a further $100k going into a lucky draw for all but the top 3.

Are you tough enough? .....I certainly am not.

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Your race is awaiting you...

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How much vertical is there likely to be?

In 2013 Jason English won the World Solo 24 hour race at Stromlo. He completed 27 laps, or 456.03km in 24h30m. I'd imagine there was around 300m climbing per 20km (can anyone confirm?) so that would be almost 7,000m vertical? Let's say he could keep this pace up, and the vertical is similar... it would take Mr English close to 54 hours to finish The Munga. Super human as he is, I suspect he'd have to have a break somewhere along the way, although...

There is something on the Mavic site about a guy who rode 677km from Évian-les-Bains to Nice non-stop. While this was on the road, the killer here is that it included 16,000m of climbing. Took him 33 hours and I don't believe he slept in that time.

Chitts's picture factor in a level of course knowledge which at the 24hr events, when you have done 15 laps must be pretty helpful when fatigued. You also have support and know the food stop is never more than about 17km away.

At the Munga, there are five stations along the race route. These are spaced roughly between 150km and 180kms apart from the start. At each of these stations riders will be able to eat and sleep. Apart from the five stations riders will also have access to water points roughly every 50 to 60kms.

This is an unsupported race so no team will be allowed to have support from outside in any physical form.

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It will definitely be a lot tougher than a 24 and a lot more random luck could effect the outcome but if it was solo I'd put my money on Jason. Given it's a pairs race, who's his dream partner? Belchers if you could convince him to ride a clicky-click bike would be a good choice

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Oldnslow, this race has our names all over it. Just enough squids to get me off the couch and out of retirement. Forget the winning caper, a $100k lucky door prize speaks loudly as luck is always on our side in these things...

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And it only costs 10k, bargain.

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I was just thinking that.....
How funny would it be to listen to a 1000kms of your banter between each other.
If you were paid a $1 per insult, you'd cover your entry fee and probably earn a small fortune...
Funny stuff.

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I'm in.
Cashed in those casino chips I was holding for you, still a little short of the 10k required. I suggest we head to the dish lickers again this week to pick up the rest.

WD40'd the chain on the tandem and she's ready to roll.

Don't want to be under done for this one so would like to get a couple of rides under our belts by mid November.

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We're back in the saddle again.

All on the yellow Race 2 Wenty Park Saddy night. They used to do a mean stuffed spud at Wenty Park. I digress.

Let me know about those training rides. I'm intrigued with the concept.

Maybe we could do training & race blogs? Seems to be the go. And who wouldn't want to listen to our endless drivel...?

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