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James Estate

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By beetle - Posted on 28 June 2014

I've signed up for the 12hr up there and wondering how long it takes from the northern beaches and what is the best route to take . Thanks

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The road has been redone so if you, just like I did, rely on your GPS you will be hopelessly lost and have to take advise from drunk bogans and be even more lost. Then realize that optus data service don't work in the area so Google maps will not save you either.

Take the new Hunter express way when you are getting close to the big roundabout near Newcastle and you'll be fine. After a while on that road you're back on track and can follow the GPS again.

It is a bit of a hike so same day departure is most probably not a good way.

Are you doing 12hr solo or team. My team buddy is unavailable so it looks like I'll be missin' out. Very nice venue and track.

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Just doing a team of 4. It was a late get together of the usual mont /Scott team . I'm not overly fit as have not done to much since Tathra. Should be fun though , looking forward to it. So would 3hrs be enough time to allow?

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... took me just under three hours from Killara for the Shimano / Rocky Trail GP round a few months back. And that was leaving very early in the morning.

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I rode there on the weekend, loved the trails. Plenty of technical stuff on the race loop.

The drive out is pretty easy, Google maps has updated with the new Hunter Expressway and that knocks a heap of time off, but make sure you choose that route.

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