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7hr races in late 2014??

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By MrSarcastic - Posted on 02 July 2014

I am wondering whether there is any multi-lap endurance races between 6-8hr in length during November or December later this year and preferably within 3/4hrs drive of Newcastle. Just looking for suggestions because there doesn't seem to be any longer events on.

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The RT 24hr is on 29-30th Nov at Mt Annan. You could opt for the 6+6 like I did last year or put a team together and race the whole thing.

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Do you need lights for the 6+6 or do you finish/start when the sun is up?? I would probably prefer just one 6-8hr race because then I don't have to organise camping and all.

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You don't need lights. You start at 12pm with everyone else, whatever time you finish your last lap after 6pm is your start time in the am the next day - i.e. if you finish at 6:14pm, you start at 6:14am the next day and go until 12pm.
It's a tough format but much easier than a solo 24!
Other than that the WSMTB 4hr series will run over summer too:

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Late October there's a 7 hour STM in Orange.

I realise this may be too far and too early for you though....

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I was already planning to go to Orange for the STM 7hr. Just wanted another longer race in Nov/Dec because after that the longer events don't resume until about March next year.

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You could do the 100 mile version if 100km was bit short.....

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