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Resurrection Mogo

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By Dicko - Posted on 28 July 2014

Saturday, 16 August, 2014 - 08:00
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Mogo State Forest
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Mogo Town Centre - The Original Gold Rush Colony


Mogo Resurrection as the name suggest is the reopening of some of those famous trails that Mogo
Is acclaimed.

Mogo is a great little town 4hrs from Sydney with plenty of Accommodation and stuff for the family to do whilst
You are out exploring the trails.

Hurry and get your entries in as entries are discounted until the end of this week.

We all love some great singletrack so show your support to a great little community event.

Mogo Resurrection is made up of 3 distances...25, 50 & 100km's each to test your skills and intestinal fortitude.

The 25km Course - The Pee Wee
Wind your way through the Spotted Gums and Ironbarks on the hidden trails around Mogo. Don't venture too far off the trail as the forest is pockmarked with mineshafts from Mogo's gold mining past. The climbs on forest roads and fire trails will get you warmed up for some tasty and chewy single track. RU12 trail will get everybody flowing, Tomahawk will slip you under the highway, Two Bridges will make feel like the middle of nowhere, and Pigroot will make you squeal. Pedal faster, I think I hear banjos! Before the fun has ended you'll be back in Old Mogo Town in time to pan for some of the precious stuff.

The 50km Course - Icky Thump
The 50 kayers get to ride the best trails Mogo Forest has to offer. On leaving the 25 kayers at the end of Pigroot the course heads southwest towards the Maulbrooks Road trail network. Home of the local Eurobodalla Cyclist MTB mob these trails show how granite soil and berms go together in a magic mix of MTB heaven. Most people know about the Snake Track, but some reckon AST is better. Watch those kickers! But the fun doesn't stop when its time to head back with quality forest road riding, more single track and some short but killer climbs to give the goats a chance.

The 100km Course - Killers in the Mist
For those who can't get enough.
If you're contemplating this then you are way too focussed to be bothered with peripheral detail. The brass tacks - the course is largely the same route as the 50km course with 2 laps of the 40+ km on the western side of the Princes Highway. Twice around for double the fun.
The last 5 km gets you back east of the highway with everybody else.

Who's in?
Antsonline, Dicko
Antsonline Dicko
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Black Flash's picture

That's only 2 and a half weeks away! Early bird tix avail for 2 more days only....
Is this event meant to replace the Angry Doctor?

Dicko's picture

Yep a pretty tight timeline.

I only found out about it when down there last week racing the Chocy Foot series.

It wont be quite the Angry Dictor. But they have revitalised 50km of single track (2 loops for the 100) and after sampling about 12km at the chocy foot race i am keen to see more.

Last week was some of the best ST i have ridden in NSW.

The local council is behind it. They probably have to work a little on their promotional aspects..

Short notice i know but a good excuse for a weekend away.

Brian's picture

Bummer, sounds like a good one.

Dicko's picture

Entry Done - lets hope this weather keeps up.

Can't wait to get back to the awesome Snake Track and AST !

mike95's picture

you doing 50 or 100 Wayne?

yeah the Mogo xc loop is a treasure in the south. makes all the climbing so worth it for those fast fun descents.

Dicko's picture

100 - i had planned a 4hr training ride that weekend, so what better training is there then actually racing.

Fun and smiles i say.

Don't forget tomorrow is the last day for early bird entries at a slightly reduced price.

Dicko's picture

Spoke to the organizers yesterday and things are looking good for next Saturday.

beetle's picture

I think they will struggle with high entry fees and no obvious marketing.
If they are trying to bring racing back to the area I think pricing should be made more attractive. Remembering that its a long drive for a day race so accommodation also comes into play .
Great trails though so good luck to them.

Dicko's picture

Agree - i had a chat to the council representative about that subject exactly when i was down there.

They are relying on the local promoter for organization / marketing / pricing etc.

Your right though a lower price point should / would generate a larger volume of entries. There feed back
Is that they want to build up the event and region for MTB over a number of years and keep it a sustainable race on the calendar.

This being there first year they are not expecting thousands but hundreds and build from there. This is similar
To the Tathra race.

I agree that pricing and marketing needs to have a review after the first event. Lets see how it all pans out.

I heading down there with the family anyway so its only a small incremental cost.


Black Flash's picture

At the risk of putting an opinion out...
There may be still a lot of sourness left in many a rider that got burned by the Angry Doctor event. Sure there was "an act of God" with a huge cyclone going through the night before. But the whole situation and remedy options wasn't handled very well at all. All the riders pretty much lost their money for the race. Add the cost of accomm, fuel, time etc it added up (this isn't a day trip ride)

Maybe If the original riders from the cancelled event were allowed a free entry or a substantially discounted entry to this event then I'm sure it would boom the following year. Call it an investment. Myself and my buddy's were burnt, but we'd relish the free entry.

Just my 2c

Lach's picture

Angry Doctor was a different promoter as afar as I know. However, it was pretty much the same crowd as currently that failed to pull off the Silverback 100 down there as Round 2 of the Maverick Series earlier this year, causing a hasty cancellation and inclusion of the Convict in the series. The Council and some local tourism operators were involved with that at least initially.
Publicity for this doesn't seem to have been much better - some mentions on FB but not much else that I've seen.
At least they've managed to configure it so that the 50 includes the Snake Track and AST.
The tracks are great and it should attract a reasonable ACT entry as it can be done as a day trip, but I think there will be a few Sydney-siders who "wait and see" before ponying up for a weekend down there again.....

Brian's picture

I'd love to go but it's probably a bit early in my come back for this one.

Antsonline's picture

In the interests of accuracy and full disclosure....

Angry Doctor / Silverback / Ressurection - they are all promoted by different groups.

What has happened here is that post the Angry Doctor wind storm, the council invested a fair bit of $$ into rebuilding the trails. Since then they have thought "jeez - we have spent all this money and havent got a race here really (other than the Choc Foot stuff).

The Real Insurance Series was organised by Cycling australia (not even MTBA), and they did a very poor job of it (in fact the whole series) and it went almost completely unpromoted. They had around 30 people register and so pulled the pin.

This 'Resurrection' race is organised by a group more associated with doing Triathlon events - but they have dabbled in MTB races in the past. However - I must say that their marketing of the event has been woeful. A Facebook page that doesnt get updated nor responded to, and pretty much nothing else. I shant rant on here though...

I am doing this race - like Wayne - I needed a 4hr training ride, and the fact that there is a relatively good prize fund (1000/750/500 for 1,2,3) means that maybe the training ride will get funded! Who knows though - with that money I suspect I wont be the only one with the same idea!

As a separate point, whilst I do understand people feeling 'burnt' by the previous race, unless organisers get sufficient entries by a given point in time (i.e. more than 100 people with 2 weeks to go) then the races just get pulled. There is a lot of competition for the hard-earned entry fees these days, and the responsibility is on the organisers to promote the event accordingly - but also riders should try to commit to a race (when they know about it) and not hold off until a week to go.

It really goes to show that if MTBA really wanted to get involved to help the development of the sport, there is a great opportunity to manage a calendar of events (whether they were sanctioned or not) to allow everyone to go to as a 'source of truth'. In the meantime, word of mouth and Facebook are your only sources.....*sigh*....

Brian's picture

Regarding entry numbers. The SCOTT24 is down as well. See here

Lach's picture

..... thanks for the facts. In just a few years we seem to have swung from there being only a few events which all had server meltdowns when entries opened because no-one wanted to miss out, to a situation where there is something on just about every weekend for a large part of the year - and sometimes multiple choices - and promoters are starting to struggle to keep numbers up.

Whoever is behind the Resurrection has a great locale and a great set of tracks to play with, but from my perspective they have done little to distance themselves from the uncertainties of the last two efforts at XCM events down there, and as already noted, very little to drum up enthusiasm for their event in what is now a crowded market.

Dicko's picture

All is looking good for the mogo on the weekend.

The weather looks perfect, and tracks have been marked and ready to go.

Looking forward to getting back on the bike after a few weeks off.


jp's picture

Have a great race Dicko.

Dicko's picture

Great race great success

Although the field was small, and the event low key, the trails were awesome - 70% single track 2500m climbing brought back memories
Of the old Angry Doctor.

Everybody appeared to enjoy themselves, and no real issues.

The promoters tried hard to make everybody feel welcome, and welcome feedback on how the event could be improved etc.

Great prize pool, with almost everyone even non podium getters walking away with something.

Being mainly involved with Triathlon promotions, they were keen to hear from MTB's what makes a good event.

Well done Mogo for supporting MTB'g and getting another event back on the calendar.

Race report with all the gory detail to come.

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