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By xmas - Posted on 11 November 2014

To save highjacking the general 2015 Mont thread, I'll start a new one.

I was a late callup for this year's event and had an absolute blast. The trails at Kowen are quite simply brilliant and the general vibe of the event is first rate.

And it seems to me that there are a lot of blokes on this site that fall on the .. let's say... more mature side of MTB - that is over bloody 40!

So I'm making a general callout to the over 40s amongst us that want to be in a team of 6 for the 2015 event.

I'm competitive by nature ... but not shave my legs obsessive ... I don't expect that the team would be podium threatening but will ride round the clock.... with a big smile and the usual put s$#t on each other MTB banter.

Only thing that I ask is if you do commit and the call goes out for the entry fee that you follow up.

PM me if interested.

cheers Grant

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I'm still in my 40s....competitive nature. I want podium.

Will most likeley be interested. Just hanging back to see what deveolps

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Interested, but well north of 40!

It depends partly on what my son wants to do, will know more on that front after the Rotorua trip.

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If one wanted to say, podium, the category to be in would be Roaring 40s Mixed , 4s or 6s. But don't tell anyone. Eye-wink Eye-wink Eye-wink

Was great to have you as a late addition to the team, xmas. Thanks again for stepping in. If my mixed plan doesn't come off you may get the call again!!! (Just waiting to hear from the BIS Eye-wink )

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