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In the area for a few days while travelling around Aust.

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By simonleeds - Posted on 12 January 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey guys,

I am in the area (staying Lithgow) for a few days while travelling around Oz with my family. Looking to get out and see some mtb trails in the area - preferably with some locals. I've looked online and can see there is plenty around, but would love to hook up with some locals for some riding. Only have my hardtail bike, so full on DH is probably not on the agenda, but I'm keen to go check out all sorts of stuff that is on offer. I didn't bring lights with me on the trip (packing as light as possible - still got way too much stuff) so night rides are out too.

Hope to hear from someone.



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Hey mate I'm out of town at the moment so hopefully some one will chime in and help you out.

Otherwise if you are about the club races at rydal tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6. You won't need lights and it's a good intro to the guys And girls the XC trails out there. A lot of them don't get on the forums that often but if you introduce yourself they are a friendly bunch in person

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Otherwise check out the ride guide on here

If you are in town the ride up hassans walls is a must. Simple fire rd climb with the most under rated lookout in the mountains waiting at the top. Several option for. The descent including just looping around the fire trail and down the other side. Pretty much every ridge had a fire trail and every fire trail off the main ones leads to single track. Single track gernerally start easy and have a short rocky steep bit toward the end. Ch6 or townhouses are good options for a sample of them.

On the other side of town the ride up past state mine gully and up the drift is a bit of a challenge up but then more riding than you can poke a stick at. It's a little easy to get lost but if you are on strava search for enduro trail and left hand gully segments. LHG is a great flowy descent where the only technical bit is the shear speed you can generate.

For a simple pedal on relative flat follow inch street into bells road and continue on to the dirt up waterworks gully. Nothing truly mtbish but very pretty gully up to the first dam wall and beyond if it hasn't been too wet

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